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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Case of the Disappearing Pop-Tarts


BHPTWe have a dilemma here in our home.  We all love Blueberry Pop-Tarts and we are a family of six.  So naturally, when Pop-Tarts and BlogHer asked me to write a compensated post for Pop-Tarts I jumped at the chance - because having coupons for Pop-Tarts is like knowing that I won't go to bed hungry or want for a good afternoon snack or have a good, quick breakfast at my fingertips - at least for a while anyway!  But multiply that by six and that leaves us with a bit of a dilemma - just how many coupons will satisfy this family of six and for how long?  Well, suffice it to say, the Pop-Tarts are disappearing at a rate faster than you can read this post.



I can't keep their hands away.  "For goodness sakes kids!  Can't I take some pictures without you grabbing at the prop?!!!"  Nope.



So where was I?  Back to our dilemma.  Now I know that other toaster tarts have popped up (no pun intended hee hee) on the market, but I've been eating Kellogg's Blueberry Unfrosted Pop-Tarts for - uh - 30 years or more?  They've been a staple for me for so many years that if they were to stop making them, I think I would have Pop-Tarts withdrawal in a bad way - and so would the other six members of my family.



Well, my son polished off the first of the Pop-Tarts and my daughter ran off with the box.  That leaves this lonely fella.



I just had to have a bite.


Oh, what's another, right?


Dang this is good.  I was hungry too.


Big Bear is working in his office and he yells downstairs "Hamburgers?  Green Beans?  Applesauce?  Sound good for dinner?"  Sarah responds with her mouth full - "Uh, Daaad, I'm eat...ng Pop-Tarts"  Then we all laughed.



If anyone touches this lonely bite I will cut off their hand.


Unless, of course, it's my own, in which case I think I'll have another.  Now where's that box?  Sarah!!!  Matthew!!!


Oh, there you are. 


They sure smell good right out of the toaster, and we love being able to grab and go too!  My kids are always grabbing a package of Pop-Tarts to take with them on family outings. They are a great snack to have with them when they are visiting friends, or going on picnics or long drives.  Pop-Tarts satisfy their hunger and keep them happy when we're out for long periods of time too.



Hey!!!  Who said you could take that you little stinker!!!

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