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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm a Klutz - Are You a Klutz?

I love Klutz kits and products for my kids, and they love them too!  We received the  "Capsters" bottle cap kit and the boys had a lot of fun today creating bottle cap collectibles of their own.  Let my boys show you how it's done and then I have a Klutz Capster kit to give away to one lucky reader courtesy of Klutz products and Big Honcho Media!!


These capsters are lots of fun for the kids.  My boys had a blast creating capsters of their own and they've been playing with them and making more since I took these pictures!


There are lots of creative ideas in the book!  My kids can't decide what to do yet, so for now, they are just collecting them and having fun.


The kit comes with about 14 caps, loads of great pics to stick on the inside of the capsters, and some little characters too.


There is even glitter and sequins and some ice cream and a penguin.


My son is deciding ...


and deciding  ...


and he finally made a decision!


Matthew likes aliens.  As a matter of fact, last night he decided to watch the movie "Signs."  When I asked him why he picked that one right before bed, he said "Because I have to face my fears."  He slept like a baby last night while I had nightmares of aliens.


He started with the picture of Saturn.  That is Saturn, right?  I should ask Matthew.  He's our space aficionado.


Little green alien from Mars.  Oops, I mean Saturn.


After you stick these little guys in the capsters, you put a blob of glaze all over them and it will turn clear and hard and this little green guy isn't going anywhere.


except maybe on Matthew's notebook, or on his belt or something.


It was Glen's turn and he had a tough time deciding which one to make too.


He finally decided on the bomb and the orange kitty.  Nice.


He stuck the bomb in his capster while his kitty waited on the side.


I like this glue container.  It has an accordian bottom so that you can squeeze out just enough.  It sure makes this easy.  I wonder why they don't make more things with these squigy bottoms?


Kitty and bomb.


Kitty and bomb again.


Kitty in bomb in capster ... ice cream ... eyeball ... froggy ... penguin ... doggy ... Christmas tree with presents ...

And one of those presents is for your favorite child.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you want Santa to bring you this Christmas.

Please just leave one comment for your chance to put this fun Klutz Capster Creative Kit under the tree for a special child in your life.

Then send me pictures of your wonder child's capsters!  They are great collectibles and for trading too!

I will pick a winner on Thursday, so tell your friends, and have them tell their friends.  Everyone needs a Klutz!

* * * * *

Congratulations to #4 Granny Sue!  You're the winner of the Klutz Capster Kit!  I have a feeling your grandchildren will enjoy it.  My boys are still showing me the capsters they made with their kit.  Please email me at susan@raisin-toast.com with your shipping address so that I can get that right out to you! 

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

- Susan