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October 31, 2011

It Sure Feels Good to Sell All This "Stuff"


Yes, Big Bear has still not landed anywhere, although there is an opportunity on the horizon that looks hopeful.  Then again, there have been quite a few opportunities over the last 3 years that looked hopeful.  I never thought our family would face such economic hardship, but it is what it is and we have to make the best of it.  Which is exactly what I am doing ...


I'm selling the stuff around the house we no longer need or want or enjoy.  I see no point in cluttering up my home with more "stuff" this Christmas when we can't seem to find a home for the "stuff" we already have.  So, I'm cleaning up and cleaning out.  I am also selling some of my paintings on eBay to see who grabs them up.


Enter eBay.  I hate the fees - especially the final value fees.  Then you hook it up with PayPal and get slammed with more fees.  Oh well, at least my "stuff" is finding another home.


Ebay is a job.  A full-time job.  First you have to photograph your "stuff," then you have to edit the images so they look halfway decent.  Then you have to design your ad on eBay, post it to eBay, and watch it incessantly for the week you have the auction posted.


Then you have to box it up (another cost), print the postage, and off it goes.  The good thing about this process is that it is padding my bank account just enough, hopefully, to give the children a good Christmas for the first time in 3 years.   That is my goal.  The smiles on their faces are more important than all the stuff in the world.


I want the children to have a good Christmas this year, so I've made it my mission to sell as much as I can and convert the "stuff" into cash so that we can buy more "stuff" that the children want in 2011.


If you want to see my "stuff" just pop on over to eBay to my "stuff-front" and see if there is anything you might want.  I am adding more "stuff" almost daily.




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