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Monday, October 08, 2007

American Juried Art Salon

Charlottesigns1 I am happy to announce that my painting, Center of the Known World, has been juried into the Fall-Winter 2007 Exhibition of the American Juried Art Salon. 

The vision of the Salon: Collectors, galleries, and artists joining together to create a world filled with fine art and understanding.  Their website is

Thank you to the jurors for including me in the Fall-Winter 2007 Exhibition. 



Sunday, October 07, 2007

Matthews Alive Arts & Crafts Festival

Matthewsalive_2 Original Post: September 2, 2007

This Labor Day weekend has been great fun.  This is the first festival that I have ever participated in and I am happy that I did.  I was in booth #97 in front of the Elementary School.  The festival lasted 3 days, September 1st thru 3rd.

It was a challenge setting up our tent for the first time Friday night and taking it down on Monday night, but I was fortunate to have help from family and friends.  I think that it will be easier to get up and down the next time we do this.   The days were long and exhausting, but worth it.  I met some wonderful and interesting people and I had the opportunity to introduce all who stopped by to my artwork. 

It looks as though I will have some commissions to keep me busy in the coming months and that is a good thing.  My painting “Center of the Known World” received the most attention.  I had it displayed on an easel outside my tent and received many inquiries about giclees.  I have received several commissions of the Charlotte signs but with the directional sign locations to read something other than “Charlotte here and there...” and to have personal meaning to those that want it painted for their home.  I thought that was a neat idea to change the information on the directional signs to read something like “Uncle Tom’s, Olney, Maryland 635 miles.”  That would personalize the painting and make it an interesting addition to anyone’s home.


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A Charlotte Summer

Charlottesummer_2 “A Charlotte Summer”
18x24 Oil on Canvas
August 2007

This summer was hot as hellfire here in Charlotte.  It was in the 100s and to make matters worse, our new air conditioning system bombed on us in the middle of all that August heat.  The upstairs was 85 degrees and hotter thru that horrible week.  Fortunately, our air conditioning system on the main level was working fine and we were freezing downstairs. We got it all fixed and now we are freezing on both levels.

When I saw the photo of this little girl sitting by the lemonade stand, I had to paint her.  It reminded me of my own childhood and also of Sarah setting up her lemonade stand with Matthew this past summer.  The original photograph that I used as a reference was taken by Patrick Schneider, a Charlotte Award Winning PhotoJournalist. 

As for my reference material, I have been blessed to have him as a friend.  Patrick Schneider was a photo-journalist for the Observer for 10 years and travels all over the world for great pictures.  He is an incredible photographic talent and captures moments on film that others can only wish to capture.  He is local and when he said he would work with me and provide me reference material for my paintings I knew that my artwork would benefit from his incredible photography.  I could only hope that if my paintings were anywhere near as fabulous as his photographs, I would have a lot of winners.

As an artist, we are constantly looking for reference material to use for our paintings.  I enjoy painting life situations most of all. Landscapes, Seascapes, Still Life - they are quite beautiful when a scene is depicted with exciting brush strokes and color, but there is something about painting a scene with people that brings the painting to a new level.

You can visit his site at  I don’t use his photos exclusively for my paintings, but they are certainly going to be inspiration for many from here forward.

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Center of the Known World

Charlottesigns1 “Center of the Known World”
36x24 Oil on Canvas
Aug. 2007

It is so fulfilling to finish a painting and actually be able to stand back and say “Not half bad.”  I particularly enjoyed painting the Charlotte directional signs because they are so colorful.

In beautiful downtown Charlotte, North Carolina on The Green, there are these directional signs pointing in all different directions to other "Charlotte" locations around the world and the miles to that destination.  They are fun signs and I thought they would be fun to paint.

I finished the painting in August specifically for the Matthews Alive Art Festival and the Matthews ArtFest which I participated in this year for the first time.  I thought it would be a good idea to have a painting to exhibit that was representative of the area.

This painting was exhibited on an easel outside my tent in both festivals and garnered a lot of attention.  Everybody seemed to love it.  They especially liked the colors.  I tend to paint in a higher key than some artists.  I like happy colors - as I call them. 

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Paint the Parks Top 100 Winner

Horsesonmountrainier Mt. Rainier Horses
16x20 Oil on Panel

Paint America’s
2007 Paint The Parks Top 100

Original Post: July 16, 2007

Ptpwinnerslogo_2 This is turning out to be a crazy week!  I am excited to share with all of you that my painting “Mount Rainier Horses” has been juried into Paint America’s Paint the Parks Top 100.  My painting will travel the country for a year to galleries in every State hosting the Paint the Parks Top 100.  Two paintings from each State will be represented in the exhibition.  Mount Rainier Horses represents the beautiful State of Washington and Olympic National Park near Mount Rainier.

Grand Overall winner in the exhibition will receive 7500 dollars for their painting.



America's Promise Wins First Place!

Americaspromise2_2Firstplaceblueribbon America’s Promise
36x54 Oil on Canvas

“Patriotism” Exhibition
July, 2007

Original Post: July 16, 2007

This was an exciting week.  Bob drove up to Maryland with our daughter, Sarah, last Monday with my painting and delivered it to the Washington Gallery and School of Photography in Bethesda, Maryland for the exhibition that was starting on July 13.  Then he drove back home on Tuesday and Sarah stayed with her best friend for the week and enjoyed swimming in their pool in Woodbine, Maryland.

Then he drove back to Maryland on Thursday with me, our 2 sons, and our German Shepherd, Adolf.  We drove thru the Blue Ridge Mountains going up and it was a magnificent drive thru the mountains and the weather was wonderful too.

Friday night we all went to the Washington Gallery for the reception for the Capitol Arts Network “Patriotism” exhibition where my painting “America’s Promise” was on exhibit with 20 other fine art pieces from 15 artists.  We enjoyed mingling with the other artists, the jurors, and the patrons who were enjoying the Bethesda Art Walk.  Over 100 people walked thru the gallery and enjoyed the show.

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Juried Capitol Arts Network "Patriotism" Exhibition

Original Post: June 13, 2007

Americaspromise2 I am happy to share with all of you that I have been chosen out of the hundreds of entries for the Capitol Arts Network "Patriotism" exhibition, as one of the artists to exhibit with my piece "America's Promise" 36x54 Oil on Canvas.

Last month I made my submission via CD in hopes to be juried into this very important exhibition. Only 20 pieces/artists were chosen to participate and I am honored to have been juried into this exhibition. I suppose a trip to Washington DC is in order now.

The exhibition opens July 13, 2007 from 6pm - 9pm. I will post the location details and further information as I receive it.

NOTE: (October 6, 2007) America's Promise won first place in this exhibition and competition.



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