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Monday, December 13, 2010

Wacom and Me


Last week, my mother gave me an early Christmas present.  She said it would help me in all that I do - like web design and graphic design and illustration.  So, I started playing ... and playing some more ... and playing some more ... and, well, my mother has created a monster.  Here is what I've drawn just since last night:

Message in a bottle

Yes, this is the picture you see on the laptop above.  I put it there.  I call this "Message in a Bottle" because I painted a bottle on the beach - with a message.  "Merry Christmas!"  Sounds like a good message to me.


Tropical Scene for Beth

And this I painted for Beth, complete with a cooler and drinks, towels, sailboats, and perfect turquoise waters.  My best friend, Beth, loves beach scenes, so I did these digital paintings for her. I hope she likes them!  See that beautiful sky?  Looks real doesn't it?  It isn't.  I created this image by using Photoshop CS4, and a multitude of brushes.  The sky was easy, as I used a soft brush and then I used the blur tool to blur out the one lone cloud.  After I completed the picture, I used a "Define & Sharpen" action for the rest of the painting. 


Of course, no beach scene would be complete without an angry shark.  I painted this dude last night while watching a movie with the family and sitting by the fire.  This is my "Peter Max" style of painting a shark.

I've never done illustration before and this is my first crack at it.  It sure is fun!  I especially love the " Z" command which is the back-erase.  I use that a lot.

Please don't steal my images.  They are copyright protected.  You can, however, click on the images for a larger view.  You can purchase a copyright license for use of these images if you like.  Just contact me at susan@raisin-toast.com.

I have been busy doing web and blog design and am happy to say that I have some pages completed in the left sidebar for "Red Easel Designs" if you are so inclined to want to take a look at what I can do, and if you want a special blog of your own.  I look forward to working with you!  Contact me to help you design your own wonderful TypePad blog, logo design, graphic design, and illustration.



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