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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Business Cards for the Visual Artist


Business Cards.  If you order yours from most printers, they'll look like everyone else's cards, only maybe with a different picture on the back.


I'm not going there anymore.  I did some research, and found some of the most unique business cards around. 


Some were created with letterpress, others with goldleaf,


some with felt and googly eyes ...


Interesting print or cutouts.


Some have little attachments with aroma built in ...


Snif and find your favorite at Jbeans.


How about a comb for a cut and dye shop?


Or how about a little portfolio card ...


That opens and gives you a really interesting take on giving out your information, don't you think?

If you go to Cardonizer, you will see what I mean about creative business cards.  If you listen to this guy, you'll better understand why the statement you make when you give someone your business card says a lot about you.  And for me, I don't want that message to get lost in a roladex, a drawer, or the trash. 


Business cards are more than just your name, your business name, and information.  It's more than just a piece of cardboard you exchange when you meet someone.  You want to leave a lasting impression - at least I do - and usually, that begins with a card.  An introduction.  A message that you care about who you are and what you do for a living.

That said, I got creative today.  I've had business cards and Artist postcards printed up in the past that looked okay, but in many ways, they were just like the millions of other postcards and business cards for visual artists.  After looking through Cardonizer, I decided to run to Michaels Craft Store and be inspired.  I had some ideas floating around in my head about making my own business cards, but I went with an open mind hoping to find the right combination of creative things to make a business card - one that I can give to a Gallery owner when I visit, or one that I can send to Galleries or give to prospective collectors. 

So, you want to see what I came up with?  Take a look ...


I purchased a package of 50 bookmarks in Ivory cardstock, some teeny wood rectangles, 1/4" ribbon, and Artist Trading Card Canvas.  Then I found some scrapbooking labels for the inside and the outside frame of the painting.  Pretty cool ey?


I glued on the scrapbook label to the front of the folded bookmark, and then in my studio I took 5 minutes and painted this original little oil of a barn scene. Yes, this is an original oil painting on the front of this card.  The Artist Trading Card canvas I glued to the top of of the teeny wood rectangle before I put brush to teeny weeny canvas for this painting.


Then I glued the painting to the label on the front so that it looked framed.


Then, I used another fancy label for the inside, and with a calligraphy pen, I hand wrote the necessary information on the inside of the card.


So what if it isn't perfect.  I think that makes it more personal. 


Then, when you tie it in a bow, it can sit up on your desk or on a shelf somewhere.  What do you think?  Do you like my business card?  I'm always trying to think outside the box, and I wanted  Gallery owners, curators, collectors, and you, to hold on to my card and my information.  Maybe then I won't end up in a drawer somewhere forgotten, or in the garbage.  Maybe, just maybe, with the right amount of tiny information on a creative little card, I will generate more commissions, or sell more paintings - and besides ... that's the idea folks!!

Have you ever thought about what statement your business cards make?  Take a look around Cardonizer's Business Card Gallery and be inspired. Then, when you've created something of your own, please send me some images of your business card in an email and I'll post them here!


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