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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Play Without Pressure


Something I am definitely NOT good at is trying new things, attempting new ideas, branching out and just taking the plunge into unknown territory.  Today I did just that.  For 2 hours anyway. I might as well have jumped off this mountain as try something new.

As an artist, with lots of artist friends, I know that venturing out of one's comfort zone of creative endeavors and trying something new is shaky territory.  The problem with this train of thought is that we each see the work of various artists that we love and want to try to paint in the style that we admire.  At least try it.  Be Adventurous!  



Then the blank canvas is in front of us and this tiny voice inside our heads begins to mock our half-hearted attempt at something new.  But today, I don't care.  I'll never know if I like it unless I try, right?

Today, after my afternoon nap, I pulled out the only piece of pastel paper I had, taped it to my table, and began a clumsy effort to paint Grandfather Mountain (The Blue Ridge Mountains) from a picture I took with my iPhone a few weeks ago.  



Just know this was NOT an attempt to copy detail for detail.  Realism wasn't even on my radar for this pastel painting.  I just wanted to have fun, take chances, paint a bit childish.  I like carefree paintings.  Why not tread through that territory of my childhood again?  



Two hours later I had this.  I hated some of the process and liked other parts of the process.  Either way, I did have fun, and it gave me an opportunity to step away from my comfort zone in oil painting and play without pressure.  

Play without pressure.  I like that.  I think I'll do this again.  Maybe do a better job too!  



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