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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Turn Out the Lights - The Party's Over

Congratulations Representative Ted Poe of Texas - you said everything I've been thinking since Congress ruled that we have to use fluorescent lightbulbs by 2014.  I don't think Congress should tell me what type of lightbulbs to use and I hope this bill gets turned off - quickly.  Fluorescent lightbulbs give me a tremendous headache.  I can't have them in my home.  My head starts pounding and I feel pressure behind my eyes.  I've switched out every light that has been fluorescent because of this, now the government is telling me that I have to use fluorescent lightbulbs.  Not.  This video may be from 2008, but what's been done to quash this bill?  We want solutions, not more problems.  We will probably resort to candlelight - talk about a developed country working in reverse ...