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Sunday, December 28, 2008

10 Good Things - and 50 for You


Have you given much thought to this coming year?  Do you have a list of goals that you would like to reach in 2009?  Have you thought much about your 2008 resolutions and goals, and were you able to make them happen? 

Well, I'll tell ya, I'm a bit of a slug myself when it comes to reaching those goals and resolutions, but that only served to make my resolve even stronger because I will be 50 this year and daggone-it I really want to look good and feel good when I turn the big 5-0.  It doesn't seem possible.  I mean, I'm still 25 and I act like I'm 17.  So how is it that I'm almost 50?  The gray hair is a dead giveaway, though, and so is the need for a daily afternoon nap I suppose.


That said, I thought I would list my New Year resolutions and goals here for all the world to see.  Then, this time next year I won't have any good excuses for not reaching them, right?  Well, let's hope I don't have any excuses at all - good or otherwise.  Then, I want you to list your 10 things - goals and resolutions for the coming year, and if you do, you just might win a $50 giftcard to Tar-jay. Sound like a plan? 

So here is my list of 20:

1. Lose 20 lbs. 
2. Keep up with the laundry Scratch that
3. Give every member of my family a smile and a hug - daily.
4. Create at least 12 oil paintings.
5. Enter at least 1 visual arts contest for one new painting.
6. Teach someone to paint.
7. Exercise daily - somehow, someway, no excuses!!!
8. Inspire at least 1 person a week to be positive, learn something new, or find the good in their life and others.
9. Donate to at least 2 charities.
10. Keep my house clean and my beds made. Scratch that
11. Make at least one quilt - finished.
12. Teach my daughter to sew.
13. Help a friend in need.
14. Help a stranger in need.
15. Send at least 2 letters to a soldier in the Middle East.
16. Encourage my children to write a letter and draw a picture for a soldier.
17. Say "Yes" more often.
18. Learn to do something new. (Self improvement is always a good thing)
19. Laugh at something - daily.
20. Keep a daily journal of blessings by my bed and write in it every night.


Every year, I create a list of 20 things that I resolve to do, or goals that I hope to reach, and I put it in a journal I keep by my bed.  I started that journal several years ago and let me tell you - it works.  I am able to cross off 2 from the start, and every year it is always the same two - the impossible I call it.


Number 20 is especially important to me because it forces me to focus on the blessings rather than the hardships.  It is my time to snuggle up under my covers, reflect on the day, put on my glasses, and list at least 7 things every day that I am grateful for, and 7 things that I took notice of during the day that made me smile.  I have discovered that not a day goes by that I am not thankful and feel enormously blessed.  Not only has this been good for my soul, but it has been good for my state-of-mind and health as well.  I feel better and have been sick less in the last several years than at any other time in my life since I started this journal.  If nothing else, I have learned that there is a mind-body connection and we need to feed the mind with healthy thoughts, and exercise our mind with learning as much as we need to feed our bodies with healthy food and exercise our muscles.  You should try it!


So how about it?  Are you thinking about the coming year and what you hope it will mean to you and your family?  If not, and you are still cleaning up after the holidays (me too) that's okay!  Take time to think about it.  But, I want you to promise me you will come back and leave me a comment that reflects your list, and yes, I want it to include - well, how about 10 things?  Sound good?  Great.


So here is your assignment.  And, if you tell me your 10 good things - your resolutions and goals - I have a gift for you. 


How would you like a $50 Giftcard to Target?  Hey!  It's after Christmas and that's when all the deals really start!  I figure you can get more bang for your buck after Christmas when all the retailers are scrambling to deplete their inventory before January 1st.  So how about we help them? 

In other words, how about you think about it, sleep on it if you have to, start a journal, scratch your head, pick your nose, clip your toenails (vacuum them up please), take a shower, brush your teeth, don't forget to floss, kiss your pet, eat an apple - or two, and then comment (that's actually better than "call me" don't you think?) in the morning. Maybe you'll be able to spend less time at the doctor's office this year, too!


Oh, and you have to make hot cocoa sometime this year.  That's a requirement for reading my blog - you've got to make my hot cocoa.  Unless, of course you are lactose intolerant.  Then you're forgiven.

So get on it folks!  Write me your 10 things.  Inspire others with your goals and resolutions.  And you will be in the running for that $50 Target Giftcard courtesy of a sponsor from heaven above.

Winner will be chosen by mwaah (that's me) at 12 noon on Wednesday, December 31st.  What a great way to start the New Year! 


Note: I do not know anyone at Tar-get or Target for that matter.  I just shop there on a regular basis and wanted to pass on a good giftcard to you.  So, this giveaway was sponsored by me - SusieQ - regular Target shopper.