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June 27, 2008

Get Ya Paper! Read All About it!

In addition to having a 2 hour fire drill here at home and having to go from pajamas to civilized and clean and have an immaculate house (for the most part), we are going to be on the front page of the Charlotte Observer tomorrow (Saturday).  I'm thinkin' "what the heck did I do?"  Nothin.  Bob wrote the Observer or something answering some question about local families that work from home.  Yeap, we work from home alright.  Bob is always here, I'm always here bloggin' and paintin' and hollarin' at someone.  The kids are doing their schoolwork (they are homeschooled) and my mother just hangs around micro-managing everyone.  Here I was comfortably sitting around in my pajamas when Bob comes downstairs from his home office yelling "this is a fire drill!" "huh?"  "Everybody front and center!  We have less than 2 hours to clean this entire house, mop the floors, throw all the dirty laundry into the laundry room, vacuum, dust, clean windows, shower, and look presentable for the Charlotte Observer.  "huh?"  "Stop saying that Susan and get up and start movin' will ya?!!!"  "Oh, okay, if you say so." 

Bobcleaningfloor I love these fire drills.  I ought to invite someone over everytime our house is beginning to look like bums live here and then tell the family they have 2 hours to clean the entire place.  It works.  Let me tell you it really works.  Six people running in every direction and nothing was shoved in the wrong place - not even the laundry.  Amazing.  I even took pictures, but I will have to add them to this post later today.  I took wonderful pictures of my Big Bear cleaning the kitchen floor, and pictures of my boys removing pipes from the front walk.  You'd think the President was visiting or something.  I even had my boys remove the dead daisies from the pots out front.  Remember - we live in "the money pit" and this house is in a perpetual state of construction and remodeling.  Not Architectural Digest decorating by any stretch.  Far from it.

(I just love a man with a floor cleaner in his hands, don't you?)

So, we have had a very nice visit with Ortega the photographer for the Observer and he told us this is going to be a 1A story.  "huh?" "You mean first you tell me to bust my buns to clean the house because the Observer is showing up and now you tell me my picture is going to be on the front page eating pizza in a kitchen with the wallpaper and drywall ripped to pieces?"  Lovely, just lovely.  "Can I punch Bob in the nose now or after the photographer leaves?" 

Oretega5 He's been here for 2 hours.  A very nice man.  In fact, he is a very, very nice man and I hope he doesn't put some picture of me shoveling pizza down my throat and my eyes closed and my double chin on the front page.  I'd have to retreat to my back room permanently for the rest of my life and hide myself from complete and total embarrassment.  Maybe if I'm lucky they will put Bob's picture on the front page instead. Maybe not.  Maybe that isn't such a good idea either.  Then he would have to hide in the house and then I would have to find him another hobby. 

Oh well, the story is apparently about families who work from home and spend an unusual amount of time together.  Like us.  We are together most every single day 24/7.  We haven't killed each other yet.  Isn't that nice?  We have wanted to throw cold water on a few members of the family from time to time, but other than that we tolerate each other pretty good. 

The funny thing is this guy told us to be completely normal. "huh?"  "Normal?"  "You mean you want me to be in my pajamas with no shower, messy hair, and bad breath?  You want the house to be in total disarray and everyone to be yelling at each other?  Okay."  NOT! 

Right now Bob and I are sitting on our sofa, barefoot with our laptops and Ortega is taking pictures of our funny feet.  Makes you wonder if the Charlotte Observer is hurtin' for stories if they need a picture of my feet for the front page.  Ooooookay.

Bobinrecliner Now he has the kids with a ton of school books sitting next to me doing their schoolwork.  Well, that's normal.  I really am usually surrounded by kids with books and pencils and a million questions. 

We just told him that if he wants a natural picture of Bob he needs to be sitting in the recliner covered up with a blanket and snoring. That would be normal. 

Well, we almost got him to snoring.


How exciting is this? 

Tomorrow should be an exciting day - I think.  Nobody was picking their nose.

Happy Holidays

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