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June 28, 2008

Yummy Dinner

I love the fact that my hubby, Bob, is the cook and I just have to do the cleanin' up afterwards.  I can cook, I just don't like too. Fortunately, my Big Bear does.   

Today is Father's Day, and - well - Big Bear is cooking dinner for the family.  But, he'll get his head rub promptly thereafter as we sit and watch a movie. 

Sarah is learning how to cook tonight, which means that at some point - like now - the tears will start flowing and someone will get pissed off.  Here we go....

"Why can't Glen sit at the counter?  Matthew always sits at the counter and there isn't enough room because I'm cooking.  If Matthew and Alex sit at the counter, then I won't have room and....and.....I hate this!!!!" 

GEEEEEEZ!  Alright, already!  Now that the tear fest has ended, this is what we are having for dinner.  Yummy.....

Steak on the grill with Big Bear's seasoning specialty

Baked Potatoes


Tossed Salad




Strawberry Shortcake (Sarah is making the dessert all by herself!)

And lots of family...


Might as well introduce you to our German Shepherd - Adolf.
He is 2 years old and is spoiled rotten.  He likes having his picture taken.


This is my dear 14 yr old daughter, Sarah being the cook of the kitchen. This is the Big Bear - Bob - and what he is doing I do not know. Neither wanted their picture taken.  Bob better just be glad that I didn't post the other 2 pictures I took of him.  I better not upset him on Father's day.






This is our grandson, Glen.  He is 8 and our computer wiz.


Sarah and her silly faces.  Of course there had to be a gas tank in the background of the picture.  I never said I was good at taking pictures.  I think this proves it.




This is my son, Matthew.  He is 11.  A bit of a comedian and he likes to make funny faces.



This is my son Matthew's best friend, Alex.  He's a pretty cool guy and we've adopted him - more or less.  Put it this way, when Matthew is home, Alex is here.  When Alex is home, Matthew is there.  Fortunately for us, Alex lives next door and that isn't far.


This is my mother, Mary.  She has lived with us for 10 years.  She is not photogenic and her personality matches this picture.....and the ones to follow....


"Oh Lord, do I have to eat this?"


"What the hell are you doing taking my picture?"


"Okay, I'll nibble a little.  It's better than starving I guess"


Sorry, no pictures of me.  I'm the one behind the camera - always.  So, I'll leave this first post with another picture of our other son - Adolf. Hey, I didn't name him.  He had the name when we got him at 10 months old and since he answered to it, I wasn't about to change it. 

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddy's out there.

Happy Holidays

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