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July 27, 2008

Fried Chicken Anyone?

No I am not a cook, but I do know how to cook some things that are fast and easy.  And when I cook, it is usually good.  (you didn't really have to notice I said "usually" did you?).  Well, tonight we had fried chicken, baked potatoes and tomato slices.  Hey, we're not gourmet around here.  And if I'm cookin' the family is lucky to eat. You see, we have a deal around here, Bob cooks and I clean up the mess.  Since Bob has been playing plumber in our crawl space under the house all day so that the irrigation system he put in will work before the year 2010, I thought I had better cook the dinner.  Let's see how it goes.  If you want a good dinner in under 30 minutes, this should do it. 

The Players:


Nothing fancy here.  Just a big dang batch of chicken breasts (I'm not going to cook them all) Make sure they are defrosted, a bowl with flour, and sprinkled with salt and pepper, and Mazola corn oil.


I have my stove setting on High and I am heating the Mazola corn oil in the bottom of the skillet.  Just pour enough to cover the bottom. Any more than that and you'll drowned the chicken.  We don't want to have to perform cpr, so keep it shallow.


Now, roll the chicken breasts individually in the flour, salt, and pepper.  If you want to get really fancy and take your aggressions out on the chicken breasts, you could put the flour mixture in a freezer bag, dump the chicken breast in the flour and shake it till it's all covered in flour.


When you've covered the chicken breasts with the flour mixture, plop them in the hot oil in the skillet.  Cook them for about 3-5 minutes and then turn them over.  Then cook for another 3-5 minutes, and keep flipping them every few minutes until you are sure they are done. Usually about 10-15 minutes.


They're getting nice and crispy.  Yum.  I love fried chicken.  Yes, my skillet is still on high and it is splattering all over the place - all over me, all over the walls, all over the cabinets.  Welcome to my kitchen.  Splattered.


While your chicken is splattering your walls, and your searching for the fire extinguisher, pull out a bag of Idaho Russet Potatoes.  Take out the ones you want and wash them.  Always wash them.  You don't want any unusual things to happen to your stomach (aka tomatoes, spinach, watch the news)

Fried Chicken Dinner

Next, jab your fork into the potato.  However, if you are not careful, I mean really careful, you will jab the fork into your hand and that will not be a pretty sight.  You'll be screaming and hollering and cussin' galore.  Let's keep it nice - keep your hand away from the fork, but put holes in the potato - not your hand.


I do things the easy way.  I take my pretty paper towel and place it in the microwave with 2 very nice potatoes.  I have a revolving microwave thingy.  If you don't have a revolving microwave thingy, then I have no suggestions for you.  Wing it.  Cook your 2 potatoes for 6-7 minutes.  They'll be good and done and delicious.

Of course

If you are not careful

and you don't have a handle on the potatoes

and the paper towel

this is what happens....


Darn.  And it looked so good too.


The chicken came out perfect and juicy inside.  At least I did something right.   

P.S.  If your chicken is thick, always cut the thickest part with a knife to make sure it is done all the way through.  You do not (let me repeat - do not) want to eat chicken that is not completely cooked unless you want to get salmonella poisoning, and I am sure that is not on your menu. 

Cook the chicken - burn those babies if you have to, but cook them all the way through.

Now wasn't that a nice and easy dinner (less the potato that hit the floor)?  And you know what's good with this?  A few slices of tomato and a glass of iced sweet tea.


Happy Holidays

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