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October 14, 2008

Dreaming of Green in North Carolina

TractorandHay.jpg by you.

For the first time since we've lived here, we are starting to see green grass peek thru the straw that we laid just the other day to prevent run-off of all the seed.  We also didn't want a river of mud washing over into our neighbor's driveway.

LookingintoRichardsYard.jpg by you.

Bob prepared the yard well with rich top soil (as the soil in North Carolina is hard clay and nearly impossible to get a standing blade of grass. 

NeighborsYard6.jpg by you.

But then, that begs the question, so then, how did everyone else get such a nice standing of green, plush, grass?  Beats the heck out of me. 

WoodbineHome.jpg by you.

We had it in Maryland on 3 acres, but for whatever reason, the same techniques we used in Maryland do not work at all in North Carolina.  It's a totally different process in the south to maintain a green landscape.  Oh, how I miss our 3 acres.  The neighbors?  I don't miss them at all.  They were a disgrace.  But the view and the 3 acres, I miss it.  We planted over 200 trees on our property and kept a perfectly manicured lawn.  Our home was our pride.  It was small for the size of our family, but it was home.  Okay, I'm reminiscing here. 

House3.jpg by you.

I'm not sorry at all that we moved to North Carolina.  As a matter of fact, I love it.  We all love it.  Our neighbors are the nicest people you could ever want to have surrounding you.  The community is quiet, clean, and beautiful.  I love the tall, mature trees on our lot as well. 

Looking out our kitchen windows is almost like looking out into a forest.  My first feeling was that I was in a treehouse.  It is private. I like private.  Then again, with a house full - that is, 3 adults, 3 children, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a gecko, and the neighbors regularly visiting, I've given up on private.  I do however, love being surrounded by my family and friends, so if you ask me, this is as close to perfect as I could ever want to get.

barredowlinouryard2.jpg by you.

We even have a lone barred owl that lives in our backyard and hoots every night.  The birds in North Carolina are amazing.  And we hear the birds sing all year round.  Unlike Maryland where the birds disappear in early fall and don't return until spring.  Yep, I really love North Carolina.  Not too cold, not too hot, just right. 

Grass4.jpg by you.

Now that I have completely run off on a tangent here, let me get back to what this post was originally about - green grass.  Lots of green popping up around us.  Yay! Can you see those sweet blades of grass?  Not Bermuda grass, but some tall fescue my Big Bear thinks is great?  I see it too.  My feet can't wait to feel them between my toesies.

SpreadingtheHay3.jpg by you.

So, I, Big Bear, Matthew, and Glen, set out the other day to cover our entire front yard and some of our backyard with hay to keep the seed in place - hopefully - before the rain.  We were in a hurry because the rains- they were ah comin' - and so was the mud if we didn't work fast.

SpreadingtheHay4.jpg by you.

Just look at that grandson of mine.  He's been sneezing for 3 days.  This was probably more hay than he'll ever see in his lifetime - and we're in the suburbs! By the way, we're the only yard in our community with hay bails covering our lawn.  You can take the Vaughn's out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the Vaughn's. Hee Haw.

SpreadingtheHay5.jpg by you.

Ah, but he didn't mind.  Glen was a real good doobie and was throwin' that hay everywhere - and putting it everywhere too.  In his pockets, in his shoes, down his shirt, down his pant's legs.  He was a regular scarecrow by the time he came inside from all that yard work.

SpreadingtheHay7.jpg by you.

Now Matthew is a different story altogether.  Hardly a scrap of hay on him.  He managed to throw it into the wind - and into my face a couple of times.  If you are ever spreading hay in your yard, remember not to stand down wind.  Aaaaachooo!

FrontYard.jpg by you.

As for me, I'm sportin' the camera - and yes, spreading a lot of hay too.  And sneezing.  I refused to let anyone take a picture of me.  I had on an old t-shirt (probably my pajama top if you want to know the truth) and faded overalls and sandals with a John Deere hat covering up my bed head.  No stinkin' way anyone was taking my picture!

FrontYard3.jpg by you.

I much prefer to show you all the hard work my Big Bear has done.  It took him 3 years, but hay (get it, hay?) we're makin' progress!

Sprinkler4.jpg by you.

Seriously Folks, this is progress.  See that sprinkler?  Bob got it working - finally.  When he first put in the irrigation system (2 years ago) - by himself mind you - it spit a few drops of water and then crapped out.  He had to make sure it was connected properly to our well.  Bob is such a hard worker.  Everything he does is, like, way over my head.

Sprinklers.jpg by you.

But I'm so proud of him right now that I don't even mind the pretty orange flags that are dotting our lawn.

Sprinkler2.jpg by you.

All I know is I see sprinklers that are actually working and pretty orange flags dotting my landscape and little, newbie blades of grass popping up from under the hay.

PrettyWeeds.jpg by you.

Oh, and even the weeds are looking pretty this time of year. 



Happy Holidays

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