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March 02, 2009

Snugglin' By the Fire on a Snowy Evening


I love sitting by the fire on a cold, cold night with a cup of hot cocoa and the lights on out back just watching the snow flakes fall.  Having moved to Charlotte from Woodbine, Maryland, we know how much fun it is to play in the snow.  But, in Charlotte, we don't get a lot of snowfall.  So, when we do, the kids get so excited. 


I love to see the joy on their faces and the spring in their step when they press their noses up against the window and dream of building a snowman, or making snow angels, having a snowball fight, or sledding down a hill on an inner-tube. 


In Maryland, we had lots of snow.  Every winter we had several snowfalls that would result in pulling out the sleds and the inner-tubes and haul-tailin' it down our front yard.  We had 3 acres in Maryland and the front yard was most of it.  We had a great downhill slope and the kids could get a great ride.  Getting off the sled and hiking up the hill again for another go at it was what we all disliked the most about it, but hey, the excitement of sliding down that hill made it all worth while.


All the kids would trample in the back door soaked to the core.  They'd drop their snowsuits and their boots and hats and gloves in the laundry room and with rosy-red cheeks and frozen knuckles, they'd all gather in the kitchen for a mug of hot cocoa.  They always knew, too, that Dad had built a great big fire in the fireplace for them to warm their hands and toes.


All the while I'd be sitting nearby listening to their stories and admiring the gleam in their eyes, remembering clearly my own childhood escapades with a sled and a snowsuit. 


I think the best thing about being a parent is the ability to relive our own childhood memories and joys through our own children.  I know what they are feeling.  I know how exciting it is to see the snow coming down flake after flake after flake.  I know that they will have gone to bed this evening dreaming of playing in the snow tomorrow and all the hopes that come along with it. 


So, on this snowy, snowy night, I wish you all some glorious memories of your own childhood.  Sit back for a moment and reflect on all those fun times you had with family and friends playing in the snow.  Then warm up your toes by a fire with a cup of nice hot cocoa.

You'll thank me in the morning.



Happy Holidays

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