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May 05, 2009

A Simple Indoor Garden


By Kathleen Smith

You don't need a backyard to grow a beautiful garden. If you have a little bit of space, a container, and some sunshine, then you have all the necessary ingredients to bring a little green and nature's color into your home.


For indoor spaces that get very little light, there are a variety of plants to compliment your garden interests.


The most low maintenance plant ever known to thrive with almost complete neglect would be the Cactus, or Cacti, and they come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, spines and sizes.


For those who like to cook at home, you might like to consider a simple herb garden. There are many specific herbs that compliment your culinary specialties.


And for those interested in adding more color to their space, there are also a few floral options to consider.


To begin, lets start with the container. In order for your plants to thrive, you will want to choose a pot with good drainage. I recommend choosing one with holes in the bottom and getting a base to place underneath it.


Second lets take a look at soil. There are many different types of soil to choose from and your best options may vary based on the variety of plant your trying to grow. Once you've decided what plants you want in your garden, consult with your local garden shop to determine the best dirt for your daisy.


Third, lets talk plant food.  Yes, that's right, plant food, and before you toss your leftover pizza into your perennials, consider that they probably wouldn't appreciate the pepperoni. Instead, your local garden shop might recommend some healthier alternatives for your specific plant needs, depending on what your growing.


You could either purchase your plants pre-grown, or, if your feeling adventurous, you could buy the seeds and experience the joy of seeing them sprout from the dirt for the first time.


Don't forget, when planting your seeds, the rule is to bury them two to three times their diameter. If the seeds are tiny, you can simply press them into the soil. The bigger the seeds, the deeper you place them into the dirt.

Not all plants grow at the same pace, in addition, most have different feeding and light requirements so when making your selections it would probably be ideal to choose several varieties that require equal maintenance. Your local garden shop can make suggestions that fit your lifestyle and specific interests.

Finally, all that is left is a bit of love and patience. Good luck!

Happy Holidays

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