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May 12, 2009

Peepers Birthday Visit


It was a beautiful day on my birthday and we were all getting ready to go out as a family and enjoy the day.  Glen came running into my bedroom enthusiastically "Mom!  Our bluebird is back and knocking on the window!"  "Really?"  I asked as I ran out of the bedroom only half dressed.  "Look Mom" and then Glen pointed to the big paladian window in our foyer.  There was Peepers, flying into the window as if determined to get in the house.


I ran downstairs and grabbed my camera and ran back up the stairs to get a picture, only by the time I was poised to take his picture, he flew to another window.  So, instead, I threw on some pants and ran outside in my bare feet exiting through the back door so that I could sneak up on him in the front of the house.


Sure enough, there he was on the window sill of Big Bear's office, hopping around, cocking his head my way and wondering what I was doing.


All I could think of was "how in the world did he know it was my birthday?  What a wonderful surprise." 


And so, I aimed my lens at Peepers and got some great shots.  I would have posted them sooner, but I only just today boosted the pictures in Photoshop.  My computer is choking on all the pictures.  But, here they are ... I hope you enjoy the visit as much as I did.


Happy Holidays

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