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June 16, 2009

A Quiet Morning Walk


I don't know what got into me this morning.  I actually got up at 6:15 and decided to take a walk with Adolf.  I rarely ever go for a walk, and I realize that I desperately need to change my ways.  I am not getting enough exercise.


It wasn't exactly sunny out this morning, but it was clear and the temperature was pleasant.  So, I put on my walking shoes grabbed Adolf's leash and my camera, and scooted out the back door with the best dog in the world - my Adolf. 

He was so excited to be going on a walk that he couldn't control himself.  He was bouncing around the front yard.  Running a few feet and then coming to a sudden stop only to turn around and look at me to make sure I was still comin'. 

"Yep, boy, I'm still comin'.  Hold your britches.  It takes us 50+ persons a little longer to get where we're goin'."  

So, you wanna go for a walk with me?


I have this system of keeping to the right when I walk through our neighborhood.  So I make a right out of our driveway and walk up to the next street and make a right at our neighbor's house.  You know, the Garvey's house?  If you recall, Pat Garvey is the piano man in our neighborhood.  He is the one who came to Bob's 50th birthday bash and played "Heart & Soul" with Sarah on the piano.  Just check out my videos to see what a cool guy Pat is.  Anyway, this is the assortment of flowers his wife Janet has planted by their mailbox.  Aren't they pretty?  I do so admire mailboxes that are well groomed - unlike ours.


Then, Adolf and I came up on these little suckers. They were wandering around another neighbor's driveway just checking out the scenery I suppose.


The one with the green head didn't want to have anything at all to do with Adolf, so he quacked a lot.  I mean a lot.  As in "shut up already" alot.  Finally Adolf went chasing towards the loud mouth and they flew off. 


"I'm comin' already!  Give me a break will ya boy, I'm not as fast as I used to be."


Of course, we approached someone else in the community with a healthy set of lungs.  This is one spastic dog.  Let me tell ya. 


Adolf just looked at him and thought "lunch."


We walked down to the lake.  It was calm and quiet.  The lake looked, well, uh, brown.


And this lonely little paddleboat was hangin' out upside down looking awfully lonely.  I must say, that light green stuff floating around by the edge of this property did not look good. I don't know what it is and don't know that I want to know.


I saw some very pretty red lilies.  I think these are red lilies.  Can someone tell me please what these are?  I am not a flower aficionado.  Also, why is it that my camera takes such crappy pictures of any flower with red in it?  Maybe it's my lens?


I love admiring the different flowers and shrubs in bloom when I take a walk.  I like to listen to the birds, and the toads, and the crickets, the woodpeckers, and the hoot owls. We have a lot of 'em in our neighborhood.


"Hello Ms. Daisy.  I am sorry I took such a crappy picture of you this morning, but I haven't had my coffee yet so I'm not very steady. You sure look bright and cheerful this morning."


Ahhh, it's our neighbor, Juergen's house and his magnificent gardens and waterfalls, statues and exotic plants, lily ponds and flowers galore!  Oh how I love his landscape masterpiece.


I never tire of all the beautiful blooms and aromas in his garden. 


And he lets all the neighbors wander through his garden paradise.  Oh how I love the sounds of his waterfall.


It is all so peaceful and romantic. I can envision the most beautiful wedding here.


And it is always so perfectly manicured.  Isn't it paradise?


I can turn around and it will smell like Christmas, or flowers in new bloom...


or fresh cut grass.  "No Adolf, don't pee in Juergen's yard.  He won't let us come back."


What is this blooming bush?  Can someone please tell me? Juergen has the most interesting plants and shrubs, flowers and trees in his garden landscape.  I just think this one is so beautiful. 


And these!  They are so gorgeous!  I love the color violet, especially next to the greenery and the brown mulch.  It looks so rich and alive in a garden.  But, of course, I don't know what they are called.


I really must get out of Juergen's garden.  "Okay Adolf, let's keep walkin' buddy."  Hmmm, I wonder who lives up this driveway all tucked away in a corner?  Probably somebody important, which might explain why we don't know who they are.


Marching right along.  Well, not really marching.  I'm walking, and stopping to catch my breath, and walking some more, and stopping to catch my breath, and stopping to admire the perfectly manicured mulching around the tree beds in another neighbor's yard.


Oh my, now aren't these interesting little boogers.  Kinda droopy and past their prime, but still interesting little boogers, don't you think?


Now I'm all happy.  "Adolf - Adolf? Come here boy and take a look at these pretty flowers with me.  Don't they look almost good enough to eat? Okay, well maybe not eat ... Adolf? Hey! I thought you were interested!"


I think I might just take you home with me and plant you next to my mailbox.  What-a-ya think?


Or maybe a few of these. 


Well, looks like we're home alright.  Such lovely landscaping we've got goin' on here.


At least Big Bear got the edging done and the grass planted.


And the sprinklers working and getting my favorite bench all wet.


And as I walked around to the back door, I looked to my left and noticed something unusual.  In my own backyard.  Can it be real? 


Daggone, I do believe we have some yellow lilies growing in our backyard and hiding out behind this tree.  I think I'll go celebrate.

Now, I desperately need a cup of coffee.

Happy Holidays

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