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June 06, 2009

Bright Beautiful Flowers


We've all had a tough week, so while I cleaned the house with the kids, preparing for Big Bear's 50th Birthday bash tomorrow evening, he ran some errands.  


He walked in the back door and approached me with a big bouquet of flowers that were so bright I needed blinders just to look at them.  


Then he kissed me.  Does he know how to bring on a smile or what?


Matthew and Glen both looked at them and said "Are those real?"  "Yep," said Dad, "And they're for Mom to brighten things up around here."


I love it when he does that.


So, I trimmed the ends of the flowers and put them in a vase.


Then I took them in our sunroom and took pictures.  Aren't they gorgeous!


This is what you call a food coloring extravaganza.  These used to be white daisies, but now they are the colors of the rainbow.  And boy are they bright.


I'm just wondering how they do this.  Wait.  I think I know.  


Don't they trim the ends and then stick the white daisies in water with food coloring?


Then don't the flowers soak up the color to the petals?  This is so cool. I've never seen anything like this in years.


I thought I'd share.


It sure is bright in the kitchen.

Happy Holidays

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