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October 15, 2009

Snow White Lives Here


Snow White must have lived in North Carolina.  Or maybe she used to live here.  We have so many interesting visitors.  "Hello Bambi, you're looking chipper today."


"Oh, look at how high you jump."


"Yes, yes, I saw you leaping across the yard.  Now, Bambi, why don't you scurry along and stop looking at me with those big Bambi eyes."


Of course, Bambi is in no hurry.  He's just taking a daily stroll through the million acre wood.



Of course there are a few ladies in the wood that are looking for a good meal.


"I think the deer is a little too big to digest.  I suppose I'll have to wait for a male to eat for supper."


"Wait a minute, where's Bambi goin'?"  "I don't know Manti, why don't you fly on over and ask him?"


"Whoooo, whooo you lookin' at?"  "I'm lookin' at you Barred owl in my back yard."


"Well, if you must look, at least look at my better side." 


"Well, hello Charlotte.  How are you today?"  "I'm quite well, Susan, how are you today?  "Please don't give away my whereabouts to the Mantis on the deck.  I'd really like to live another day."  "Charlotte, I really don't know, do Praying Mantis eat spiders?"


"Hello Peepers, what are you up to this lovely day?"


"I'm looking in your windows, Susan.  I must make sure everything is in order." 


"And I can tell that they are not in order one bit.  Susan, you get along now and go do your laundry."

"Aww, do I have to?  I was hoping the 7 dwarfs would come out of the woods and do it for me."

Happy Holidays

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