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November 14, 2018

Thanksgiving Table Runner Day 5


Today, we complete the Table Runner Quilt Top!  Just a few easy steps, and your quilt "top" will be complete.  We still have to put a layer of batting and the backing on, quilt the table runner, then do the binding, but finishing the quilt top is a big deal in and of itself!

We left off on Day 4 with the 3 quilt blocks sewn together.  Moving on to the next step, you will sew the narrow red strips to the top and bottom (the long sides) of the quilt top.  TIP: When you pin this first strip on, pin the ends first as shown above.  Then stretch out the quilt top to find the center of the strip and where it meets the quilt top.  Pin that.  Then stretch it a little, line it up with the edge, and pin in the center of those pins.  Keep going until you have pinned on the narrow red strip, each pin will be about 3" apart or so.

Sew this first red strip onto one of the long sides 1/4" seam always, and press it open.



Do the same with the other long side of the quilt top, pinning the ends first, pulling and pinning the center, until the next long side is pinned and ready to sew. 

Stitch the red strip to the other side and press open.



Pin the short end strips to the quilt top, matching the ends first, then the center, and so on.  Stitch and press open.



You are almost done with your quilt top!  Pin the wide floral strips to the long edges first, pinning the ends first, then pulling and pinning the center, until a strip is pinned on completely.



As before, you will want to press it open after stitching it on to one of the long sides of the quilt top.



Pin and stitch the other wide floral strip on the other long side of the quilt top, and then press open.  It looks great! Next, pin on the short sides of the wide floral strip, press open ...



And today you can celebrate having completed the table runner top!  Isn't it beautiful?!! 

Next steps are batting and backing, basting, and quilting.  Then we add the binding, and we're all done!



Happy Holidays

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