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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random Sketches

Take a stroll through my sketchbook...

Below are my random 5 minute sketches.  Well, some of them may have taken me 10 minutes.  They are quick sketches - in other words, I wasn't all that concerned with accuracy as much as I was about just having fun.  They are rough, quick, and part of my sketchbook that I thought you might enjoy glancing through. 


A quick sketch from life, Bob was watching television and I was sitting on the sofa sketching him.  I look at this old sketch and remember how young the children were.  Glen was usuallyin his playpen (pictured behind Bob) and the toy box was always open (under the windows).  


Sometimes, whenever I see a picture in a book or a magazine, I enjoy sketching it.  Don't know this young boy, but I enjoyed sketching him.


My daughter Sarah asked me to sketch her Bubba bear, and so I did.


While looking through a book on Edward Potthast, I decided to do a quick sketch from one of his paintings.


It was right after a young Elizabeth Smart had been abducted from her home in Utah.  I paused a picture of her that was on the television and did this quick sketch of her playing the harp.  I'm so happy she found her way home.


I did this quick sketch after seeing a picture in the Carolina Magazine.


I think I did this from another picture in the Carolina Magazine, but I can't remember.


I drew this from a picture in an old book I had on drawing.


I have the most adorable picture of Matthew that I took when he was 4 years old.  I remember getting up one morning and sketching the picture.


This was a sketch from life as I was sitting in a rocking chair and admiring my son lying on the sofa all curled up and asleep, so I grabbed my sketchbook and did this quick sketch - then I covered him up with the quilt so he wouldn't get cold.


A quick sketch from life, my mother was sitting in a recliner in our family room and "thinking" as she often does.  So, I grabbed my sketchbook and did this quick sketch of her in her pajamas.


I can't even remember how long ago I did this sketch, but I do remember that it was from an image in a book on drawing.


I did this quick sketch as well from a book on drawing years and years ago.


While looking through a book on Renoir's life and paintings (he is one of my favorite artists), I decided to sketch one of his paintings.


A quick sketch from life, Sarah was asleep on the sofa.  She had been reading a book and fell asleep.  I covered her up, put her book at her feet, and grabbed my sketchbook to render this drawing.


Just the other morning (around 4am) I couldn't sleep, so I sat up in bed, grabbed an old drawing book and my sketchbook and rendered this drawing from a picture in the book.


I was sitting in the waiting room of Presbyterian Hospital Matthews waiting for my mother as she was in surgery to have her gallbladder removed.  I was nervous, worried, anxious, concerned, and feeling alone sitting there in this big empty waiting room and so I rendered this sketch as I waited for that door to open - the one behind the chairs - and my mother's doctor to emerge.  He finally did emerge, with good news that she pulled through the surgery with flying colors, and one less gallbladder.


My daughter Sarah and I did a 5 minute sketch together from a picture in a book as a reference.  This was mine.  I suppose I'll have to post hers here too if she'll let me take a picture of it.


This was a quick sketch I did about 10 years ago of a woman sitting on a bench in an ad for something in a woman's magazine.


And of course, there are the quick sketches that I did so long ago that I don't remember where the reference came from, only that it was in a book.  I do know that I struggled with the eyes and the mouth - funny how much hasn't changed over the years.  I still struggle with drawing and painting the eyes and the mouth.

I have a lot more sketches, but I seem to have misplaced a few of my sketchbooks.  When I find them, I'll post a few more pics for you to squinch your nose at.




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