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Monday, January 04, 2010

Sunbonnet Sarah Quilt


It's been years in the making.  Why I have so many unfinished projects I have no idea, but I really need to focus on finishing the projects I've started over the years and never finished.  I am always getting sidetracked - finding something else to do.  Maybe I have A-D-D  Which ADDs up to lots of unfinished projects stuffed in a drawer.  Well, today I made a choice to "try" (being the operative word here) to finish a quilt that I started years ago.  So many years ago, in fact, that I don't even know how many years that is.


So I pulled out the unfinished applique quilt blocks and took them into my cold sunroom.  Today was very cold - below freezing - but sunny.  Still, with ceramic tile, no carpet, and no drapes (something else I said I would do), I pulled up my britches and buckled down in front of the sewing machine.


First, though, I made sure I tested my satin stitch on a scrap piece of fabric.  I can't sew without having my seam ripper handy.  I use it a lot.



So, this year is my year - I think - for finishing unfinished projects, like this Sunbonnet Sarah Quilt.  I have paintings to finish, and quilts to finish.  I have kitchen cabinets to finish re-finishing.  Maybe I'll relieve a lot of the stress in my life if I work on these projects.



As for this quilt, I started by making appliques from the traditional Sunbonnet Sue pattern.  But then I got an idea - to take pictures of Sarah as a small girl and make appliques of her from those pictures, only with a sunbonnet on her head; and, so this is what I did.  


These 2 appliques were created using 2 pictures of Sarah as a toddler as a reference.  As soon as I find those pictures, I will post them here so you can see what I did.

Do you have unfinished projects that you need to revisit?  If so, tell me about them!  I don't want to feel alone in my failings.  




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