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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Donuts, Flowers, Ribbons, and Curls


This past week I have been busy making a stacker toy of stuffed donuts for my granddaughter, Reagan. The sweetest little girl on earth if I may say so myself, and I finished it today. I was inspired by the stacker toys that babies love to play with and also Heather Bailey's stacker inspired me.   Here is a basic idea of what I did:


First thing I did was cut out a pattern for the donuts out of pattern paper and my fabric and interfacing.


I burned myself frequently with the iron.


I made a lot of little snips.


I sewed together little gussets like this.


And hand-stitched them into my donuts, sticking myself regularly with straight pins.


I decorated outer gussets with pretty ribbon.


and I stitched over pins even though I know I'm not supposed to do that if I want my machine needle to last more than a few hours.


I stitched and folded, clipped and scolded, and then I stuffed it heartily with cotton.


Then I started all over again, but this time the circle is smaller and so is my patience.  But, I decided to have some fun, so I added funny ribbon knots to this circle.


And I embroidered Reagan's name onto the outer gusset, because Reagan is special and I want her to know that.


When I was done with the first 2 donuts, I was so proud of myself that I wanted to play with them too.


But I had work to do.  So, I cut some ribbon...


Folded them in half and pinned them to the 3rd donut.


I sewed them on, reinforcing them with back and forth stitching so that Reagan won't be able to pull them out with her teeth.  Kids like to do that you know.


I can now say, with a grand degree of confidence, that I am a pro at making donuts - just not in the kitchen, ...


and that nothing makes me bite my bottom lip and stick out my tongue more than this.


And this ...


And this.  Do I look like I know what I'm doing?


I suppose so, because I ended up with this ...


and this cute little stacker.  Pretty cute ay?


Then I made this little sucker.


Of course, my life and Reagan's stacker was not yet complete - not without a flower somewhere.  We gotta have a flower!!  So I made these little flower petals, sewed them together and stitched them to the smallest and last little donut ...


until I had this little beauty.  My life was now complete.  Well, almost.  I still had a pole to assemble otherwise you can be sure that donuts would be all over Reagan's nursery.


So I made a pole.


And I stuck it in the large donut and smiled because it reminded me of Pinocchio with a big nose.


Of course, I added all the other donuts I had made and I admired my creation, because ...


nothing on earth is more important to me than the little things that make my children and my grandchildren smile and shriek with joy.  Because, well - that's easy! ...


There's no better feeling in the world than this - that smile - those bright, happy eyes - that button nose, and those pinchable cheeks.

I love you Reagan.

Love, Grandma




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