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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Snappy Scrappy Bibs


I've started something here. Because I love to make baby bibs, burp cloths, embroidered onesies, baby quilts, clothes, and a list of other things for baby, I decided to start a baby brand of my own - "Buttercups Baby."



I used to have my own baby boutique.  For 2 years I owned and operated "La Bonne Vie Bebe," however, when I passed it on to a devoted customer 4 years ago, the lady who took over the boutique let it go.  She didn't market it like I had hoped and she didn't advertise.  She, no doubt had other priorities that took precedent.  I know how that goes.  It happens to me all the time.  I had put so much of myself into creating a successful boutique that I am sad I ever let it go.



I recall that when I had my boutique I wanted to add some of my own creations to the products that I sold, and I did for a while. I sold Coo-Chee-Coos baby quilts and bibs and t-shirts too.  It was fun.

Well, I may not have La Bonne Vie Bebe anymore, but I do have a small Etsy shoppe now that I call "Buttercups Baby" where I am going to make all kinds of neat things for babies and toddlers - as time permits of course.  It'll be fun.



I am having a great time making bibs out of my scrap pile of fabric.  I sew piece after piece together to form a piece of fabric large enough for my home-made bib pattern.  Then I cut it out and start sewing.



Today I made a snappy-scrappy bib.  I think that is what I will call them "Snappy Scrappy Bibs."  You like that?  I wanted a name for my little business of making and selling baby clothes, bibs, burp cloths, blankies, and baby quilts, so I decided to call them "Buttercups."  When I was a kid I loved buttercups.  I used to pick them in our back yard and put them in a small cup of water.  They made my mom happy, and me too.



Do you remember putting the buttercups under your friend's chin to see if it turned yellow?  Of course that meant that you loved butter.  I wonder who thought that one up.



On this bib I embroidered "Cutie Pie."  Get it?  Wear bib - eat pie - cutie pie?  



Then I embroidered a "Buttercups" label.  I think I might change where I put it on the bibs going forward.  I haven't decided yet. 

I am taking orders.  Each snappy bib is $22.00, and you can find them as I make them in my Etsy shoppe.  If you would like one personalized, just shoot me an email at [email protected]




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