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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"A Blue Ridge Winter" 9x12 Pastel on Pastel Card


I think I'm having too much fun this week playing with pastels.  I did this pastel winter scene last night while my hubby watched the football game.  



I've never painted a winter scene.  Not even in oils.  I think driving back and forth to the mountains twice in the last month may have had something to do with it.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are beautiful.  I love the views, the countryside, the colors, the small town living.  

Our daughter, Sarah, will be attending Appalachian State in the spring, and we are thinking about buying a small cabin near campus for her to live, and eventually, for our son and grandson to live too if they decide they want to go to App.  It is a beautiful campus in a lovely part of Boone, North Carolina.

So tonight, I decided to tackle a 9x12 size pastel.  I pulled up on my laptop about 3 reference photos that I had taken from my recent visits to Boone, and then added my own imaginary take on the references and created my own winter scene.



"A Blue Ridge Winter" 9x12 Soft Pastel on Senneilier Pastel Card

One of two winter paintings as a Christmas gift for my daughter and her husband in Arkansas.




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