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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Mother's Double Dutch Quilt Part 2


Working on my mother's holiday quilt and am sharing here some of what I do to make the process go faster, yet being careful to make proper cuts and seams.  If you ever wanted to make a quilt, hopefully some of my tips here will be helpful.




These little 2" squares are part of the next step, but first, I need to place a diagonal mark on the wrong side of the squares.  This will be my guide for sewing.  Accuracy is so important while making a quilt!




As mentioned in my first post, I like to get all my pieces cut out, organized, and labeled.  Per the instructions for making this Double Dutch Quilt, I have pulled my 6 1/2" squares (P) and my little 2" squares (K).  The instructions call for me to place the K squares on each corner, right sides together.  Following those instructions, I carefully pin each of the smaller squares on the corners of the larger square, making sure the edges meet.  I do this for all the remaining pieces, making sure that the diagonal marks I made on the 2" squares are placed correctly.





I do not sew one piece at a time or I'd never finish the quilt!  I sew in trains of pieces ...




And when I pull them off the machine, I can clip them apart easily.



Next step called for clipping the corners leaving a 1/4" seam



Press them open and set aside





Cut these squares in quarter pieces and set aside



Do the same for the other blocks that are labeled to cut in quarters



Early on make sure that all your seams are 1/4"

In quilting, the seams are always 1/4" whereas in dressmaking they are usually 5/8" unless otherwise noted



Before you begin to sew your triangles together, make sure you set them out in the direction they are supposed to be sewn together.  No point in using your seam ripper if you don't have too



Sew them together like a train, one after the other, making sure you line up edges and always use a 1/4" seam



Cut them apart and press towards the darker side



That went fast!



Set up the two triangular groups in the directions they are supposed to be sewn together



When you place one side "right sides together" on the other, make sure your seams match up perfectly and pin together at the seam



When you are done sewing all the triangular pieces together, press them open making sure the iron pushes the seams to the edge.  The points should all line up nicely like this!


Taking a break until next post!  Thank you for stopping by!  Hope my little tutorials make it easier and more fun for you to quilt!




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