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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Mother's Double Dutch Quilt Part 9


Finally!  I bet my readers thought I'd never get her quilt finished!  But, last night, I hand-stitched the last stitch needed for quilting the entire 75x80 quilt on the frame.  Wow.  I can't believe I finished the quilting!  My fingers are very grateful.  They've taken quite a beating.



After I removed the quilt from the frame, I needed to square up the edges. 



But first, I had to admire my handiwork.  LOL  I still can't believe I made the whole thing! Hey Mikey!  (You have to be old to remember that commercial)



Okay, down to business ... I made the large outer border 5" from the narrow dark blue border.  I had to straighten the quilt a number of times just to make sure it was 5" from the narrow dark blue border.  Then I used my rotary cutter and 5" wide Olfa Ruler to trim and square up the edges. 



Next step - Binding.  I will be writing the next post about Binding.  Hope you will tune in!








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