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Saturday, February 02, 2019

Tulips & Roses Quilt Part 2


The center quilt block has been trimmed down to 26-1/2" x 26-1/2" square.  The instructions call for the center block to initially be cut at 28 inches square.  They don't say why it's this size, but it does say to trim it down to 26-1/2" square after the applique is finished.  After thinking about this for a while, I came to the conclusion that the extra 1-1/2" around the perimeter is for putting the fabric in a hoop and sewing the appliques in place the old fashioned way.  Nope.  Didn't do that. 

Taking all of my applique pieces to the ironing board with the 26.5" center block fabric, I am ready to peel the paper off the back of each applique piece and press them into place. 

Making sure I center everything perfectly, I fold the center block fabric in half and press, and then in half again and press.  This will give me a visual of the center of the 26.5" square block before placing the applique pieces in place.

I begin with the stems, they have been trimmed to 1/2" since I am not folding under any fabric.  All of the appliques have been created using Heat & Bond paper.  The lines from pressing the center block work as a guide to lay out the stems and press them into place.



I add the applique pieces one at a time, making sure they are placed properly, and then I press them into place on the backing fabric.



Working my way around the applique design, remove the paper backing, place the pieces, and press each into place. Make sure you have peeled the paper off the back of all of these leaves and have them placed perfectly as shown - in a circular design - before pressing.  When you've moved them into the right placement, press them into place.



When you are done pressing it all into place on the large center block, you can admire your work!



Next step is to zigzag stitch your appliques in place.  Before you jump in, though, you will want to test the zigzag stitch on scrap fabric, and adjust your sewing machine settings to the width and length of the zigzag stitch you want. 



I began stitching in the middle of the design, but it's up to you where you want to begin.



I chose a narrow zigzag stitch.  Just enough to cover the raw edges of the applique and give it a nice design element.  I placed tear-away stabilizer beneath the applique, and only enough to stabilize the applique star I was working on.  In other words, don't put a big piece of stabilizer behind the entire design.  It will be difficult to stitch each applique piece if you have a bunch of stabilizer to mess with under the fabric.



When you're done, simply turn your fabric over and tear away the stabilizer under the stitched applique.



I love the way it's coming out!  And, I used Coats & Clark light pink thread for the applique work.



When the entire design was completed, I pressed it flat.


After the entire applique was pressed and stitched in place, I added the trim to the perimeter of the 26-1/2" square block.

And that is the end of Part 2! 

Moving right along ...




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