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Friday, February 28, 2020

Collage Seaspray Quilt


I have about 5 quilts I need to make for my family, and I need to get busy. I have all the patterns, fabric, and I just need to get started. And started I finally "did."  I am making this beautiful quilt right now, and I hope you will follow along.



I am convinced that the hardest part of any project, is the “start.” I should have started working on this particular quilt two weeks ago. But nope, I found other things to do and put it off. I finally gave in to my own procrastination, and started making this quilt. The quilt kit from Bluprint, comes with fat quarters from one collection of fabric. (Information below)  Quilts made with Fat Quarters are much easier than many other quilt patterns.  You don't have large pieces of fabric to press and cut.  The only large piece of fabric for this quilt is the backing, which I also ordered to match one of the fabrics in the collection.



This quilt is a small lap size quilt. 48x60.  A bit larger than a baby quilt. I did that on purpose. This is a gift for my daughter’s best friend, Serena, who is having a baby boy in May. And, I know all too well how comforting it is to throw a lap quilt over your knees and around your baby while rocking or sitting in a favorite chair while your baby sleeps.  It is also a good size to place on the floor for a play mat when your baby is sitting up.  I thought Serena might enjoy this quilt for many years, and not just while her baby, Oliver, is a small baby.



I thought the geometric design was interesting, and the fabric choice was great as well. The instructions are a bit difficult to follow, but I’m pushing myself to get it right.



The name of the quilt is “Puzzle Collage Seaspray Quilt” designed by Monique Jacobs. She uses the fabric collection called “Boundless Collage” in the making of this quilt. Having raised two boys, I think this quilt design is perfect for a baby boy who loves trains and cars, as mine did.  This is a perfect road and city pattern to encourage lots of imagination!  My boys still have all their cars and trucks from Matchbox and all their Thomas trains and tracks, trees and bridges.  I wish I had known about this quilt pattern 20 years ago!  I would have made it for my boys back then.

I purchased the kit through Bluprint.com.

The link to the quilt pattern is:


And “sew” it begins. I don’t like the cutting at the start, and can’t wait to get to the piecing and sewing together of this unique quilt pattern! Hope you will follow along!!

I’ll post progress right here!!




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