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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Special Vaughn Family Baptism


On June 9th, Sarah and I were baptized together at our church in a wonderful ceremony of God, nature, music, and commitment...

Original Post: Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Baptism5 On Saturday evening, Bob and I and the children, and their special friend Alex, went to church services at Southbrook Church where we are members.  We usually go on Sunday, but this was going to be a special occasion for Sarah.

All of our children have been baptized as babies, and so have we, but the Bible does not speak of baptism as a baby, instead it speaks of baptism after you have accepted the Lord into your heart and your life, and this Saturday service, Sarah wanted to get dunked and show her dedication to the Lord thru a formal Baptism ceremony in the beautiful nature filled woods behind our church and in front of about 200 people.

Baptism6 When the service started, I began listening to the message (while our pastor, Pastor Rob, stood on a deck in front of the pool in black and white wild bermuda shorts and a white t-shirt). The message was clear - what's your excuse? Don't have a change of clothes? We've got that covered. Don't want to get your hair wet? We've got these (shower caps). Don't have a towel? We've got 'em. Need a hairbrush, hair gel, hairspray, shampoo, hair dryer? Yeap, we've got those too. So, what's your excuse? I've heard them all. Take the plunge and put the Lord first in your life.

Baptism7 I walked up to Sarah and I said, "sweetie, would you like me to be baptized with you?" Sarah's face lit up and she said "yes, yes!" So, while the band played for the crowd, Sarah and I and about a dozen others walked inside the church and changed clothes.

We were the first in line to be baptized. We weren't nervous at all. Sarah and I held hands and shared this special moment together. At first, we were going to be baptized individually, but then Pastor Rob said, "How would you like to both be baptized together at the same time?" Sarah said "Yes, absolutely!" and Pastor Rob called his Associate Pastor down into the pool (he wasn't exactly dressed for the pool, but he came in anyway) and we were baptized together.

What a powerful experience. There is no way I can possibly share the power and emotion that filled the experience I shared with my daughter. We want to share with our family and special friends the joy of this day.


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