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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Wonderful Piano Recital


On June 7th, Sarah and Matthew performed in front of an audience of over 100.  A proud moment for the family!

Original Post: Saturday, June 9, 2007

I don’t think any of us were nervous - not even the children, and that was the biggest surprise of all, because I can recall my own piano recitals as a child, and I was a nervous wreck.  There were times I thought I would pass out before I sat down to play my piece - and that seemed to be the only thing about piano that I hated the most - the dreaded recital.


Still, I didn’t say a word about that to my own children, because I wanted the experience to be entirely their own, and it paid off.

For over a month now, we have known that the recital was scheduled on my husband’s birthday.  The timing was perfect, and I trusted my children to keep it a secret so that the recital would be a surprise birthday gift.


Sarah and Matthew practiced daily. They both gravitate to the piano like most children gravitate to the television. We have a rule in this house, though - no television during the week except in the evening as a family, no Nintendo DS or Xbox or Gameboy games during the week either. I homeschool my 3 young children (Sarah 13, Matthew 10, and Glen, my grandson, 7). They have a weekly schedule of responsibilities for certain subjects and assignments that they look to for structure. They have time set aside for piano practice, quiet reading, play, and of course, art.


I encourage the children to be creative when it comes to play. I can’t stand all the electronic games these kids have nowadays and I much prefer imaginative play, board games, chess, basketball, dolls, train sets, and swing sets. Fortunately for us, our children like this play too, although, they still ask during the week if they can play something electronic - N-O.


Our house is filled with music. During the day, we play classical, instrumental, and piano concertos on our stereo through our iPod. Sarah especially loves the piano concerto cd for Fur Elise since this is the piece she played at the recital. I have been playing this music in our home since the children were babies (and yes, we also play rock, pop, jazz, blues, bluegrass, and country) Still, I believe that classical encourages focus and growth. We shall see.

We told Bob he was to dress nicely and the children told him they had a surprise for him. We drove to the recital and I left the back door open for the neighbors to come in and prepare for a surprise party. When we pulled into the church, Bob realized it was a recital. We were all very excited. Matthew was 2nd to play of the 16 children who were in the recital. He was dressed in gray dress slacks, a light blue dress shirt and a handsome red tie. I had given him a distinguished haircut before the recital and he looked every bit the handsome young man. He walked to the microphone, placed his music on the piano, and spoke to the audience, “Hello, my name is Matthew Vaughn, and I will be playing “Indian Town” by Jane Bastien. He sat down, took a deep breath, and began playing his piece. He didn’t rush through it and he played perfectly. I was so proud of him I wanted to jump for joy. Of course, if I had done that he would have been completely embarrassed, so I acted civilized at his recital - I was the proud mom. The applause was spectacular for our young man.


Sarah was the 14th to play. She followed the same routine as Matthew, putting her music on the piano and approaching the microphone. She said, “Hello, my name is Sarah Vaughn and I will be playing “Fur Elise” by Ludwig Van Beethoven and Arranged by Alexander Cole. (The easier version). She said down and began to play. She flowed through it like a pro and didn’t miss a note. She was the most advanced student in the recital and she received a huge and well earned applause.

The children were so happy and excited about their special day and gift to Dad.  It was the perfect gift.

We arrived home and walked in the back door.......SURPRISE!

Happy Birthday Honey, we Love You!


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