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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Making My First TouchDown

By Matthew Vaughn


I was nervous in my second game.  My coach was telling us plays.  It was so hot outside that I thought I would pass out! I was sweating.  "Water!"  My Panthers team and I took our places on the field.  I am Number 9. 

The whistle blew and I felt weird.  I was scared, nervous, excited, and happy all at the same time.  I played halfback in my second game.  The first time the quarterback handed off the ball to me I was surrounded by all these big guys and my flag disappeared in a split second.  Then I was sad.  Payback time!


On the last play of the game the quarterback passed the football to me and I tucked it under my arm and held it as tight as I could.  These big guys started running after me from all directions!  My Dad had showed me how to spin around them and run fast with the ball.  I ran as fast as I could and I was shocked that nobody could get my flags.  I spun around and around for my life and not a one of them could catch me.   The goal was getting closer and closer and I ran faster and faster and I was smiling.

The big guys were right behind me and I ran right into the goal.  I scored my first touchdown!!!  We still lost, but I don't care, I made the only touchdown of the game for my team and they were really happy.

I was happy too and that's how it happened.




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