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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sarah's To Do List Before 9th Grade


Original Post: Monday, August 27, 2007

Last night, when I went to bed, Sarah had left a notebook on my pillow with a list of her “To Do” priorities before 9th grade.  Sarah is beginning 8th grade, so these are her priorities before next school year.  I had a big laugh and big smile as I went to sleep and thought you would enjoy the read too...

1. Get A’s & B’s

2. Play Sports

3. Get in the community theatre

4. Let my nails grow

5. Get 10 Webkinz

6. Don’t become a pimple face

7. Become great friends with Alexa

8. Give Matthew a BIG weggie

9. Raise $100+

Screenshot_14 10. Read 20+ books

11. Get to level 3+ on piano

12. Keep my room clean

13. Get Allison to come down again

14. Get better at or take a break from art

15. Get 5 new CDs

16. Build a Laser to keep boys out of my room

Isn’t it funny the priorities our children have?  I had to print this in my blog.  Some day Sarah is going to look back on her 13 yr old priorities and also laugh.  Out of the mouths and minds of babes......priceless.

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