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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I love Mosquitoes

Mosquito I really do – at least tonight I do.  I’ve had one of our bedroom windows open for the last 5 days and nights enjoying the breeze and the unseasonably cool evenings, making sure to keep the lights out in my room at night so as not to attract those nasty little buggers that buzz by my ear at night scaring me half out of my wits.  Dang those bugs are loud. 

Tonight, the lights were on in our bedroom and when I came to bed the room must have had a hundred mosquitoes on the walls.  Obviously, I turned out the lights and closed the window, concerned that I now had to hunt those little suckers down and smash them all over my pretty yellow walls.  Then I had an idea…

My husband, as usual, was sitting at his computer in his office, which is right next to our bedroom with all the lights on.  So, although I had originally grabbed the fly swatter to kill the mosquitoes I decided to use them to my advantage.  You see, my husband sits at his computer (like I am doing now) and plays war games till all hours of the night and all the complaining in the world doesn’t necessarily get him to bed at a reasonable hour.  Light bulb moment!  – I turned out all the lights in our bedroom (dangnamit, one of those mosquitoes is on my computer), I turned out the hall lights, and my husband is sitting in his office doing his thing.  I went to bed.  Next thing I know I hear “Dangit!" Ouch!  Is that window open in our bedroom?”  “No, I closed it.”  “Well, Doggoneit Susan! Now all the little critters are on my computer screen and on the walls here in the office…..sh&*@!!!”

So, I replied quite candidly….“I guess that’s a signal it’s time to come to bed.”  Obviously, I had to write this funny ditty before I call it a night.  I just had to share.

I love those mosquitoes, except when their guts are all over my computer screen. "crap!  There's another one!"  ***SMACK*** 

I really gotta get some sleep.

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