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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Glen, the Computer Whiz


I have this little person in my house who comes to me with the funniest remarks.  As a result, I am creating a new Category called "Out of the Mouths of Babes" since my babes say the darnedest things. 

Meet Glen-meister: 

An 8-year-old computer addicted future techno geek whiz kid who wanted his password so that he could sit for hours glued to a computer screen and changing the background images and reformatting the disk. 

Glen:  "Mom, can you type in my password, please?"  (Yes, he said "Please" - we do teach manners around here)

Me: "In just a minute sweetie"  (Yes, I call him sweetie, because he is a sweetie - most of the time)

Glen walks back to the kitchen and the computer and spends the next 5 minutes fumbling with buttons.


"Mom, I am sure I know my password." 

"Oh really?  Then what is it?"


(laughing) "Thumbsucker?  Why do you think it is that?"

"Because my hint says that it is what I've been called since a baby." 

(smirking) "Oh my!  Aren't you clever.  Nope, not it, but if you keep messin' with that computer, I am sure you'll figure it out."

Glen looks at me glumly and walks backs to the computer - waiting patiently, sucking his thumb, and trying to figure out what his password is.



To no avail.

But I arrive to save the day and I typed in his password so that he could spend 2 glorious parental-controlled hours on the computer.

Oh, the things my chillins say just to tickle my fancy.


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