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Monday, July 21, 2008

Matthew the Maestro

The FinaleMy son Matthew has been taking piano for 3 years now and he loves it.  He did, however, go through a period of not practicing, but once it clicked it was glorious music all the way.  I think he might be competing with Sarah and trying to catch up to her skill on the keyboard.  Either way, he is doing an incredible job at entertaining the family. 

The other day, Matthew was getting ready to go for a motorcycle ride with Dad, but he had to wait until Dad got off a conference call, put on his shoes, pulled out the bike - you know the routine.  So while he waited he entertained us.  

Matthew playing the piano

Can you hear the music?  Isn't it wonderful!!!


Outstanding Matthew!  You little charmer you. (I'm blushing)

Intense moment

An intense moment while he plays Beethoven's Fur Elise flawlessly


He never missed a beat.


Such expression.  Such emotion.  Such intensity.  Such, such......TALENT!

 The Finale

And now for the finale.  As he glides his fingers across the keyboard and winds down the classical piece, he knows he has won our hearts.  He knows he has succeeded in playing the piece to the composer's satisfaction - and ours.  He knows - he is the Maestro!

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