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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Little Soldier - Matthew


Matthew is our little soldier.  He loves playing soldier with Glen and with his friend Alex.  I can't tell you how cute it is to see a sweet boy like mine come downstairs all geared up for some army action.  Sounds come into play too.  What is it with boys and those noises that come from their mouths to duplicate shot guns, pistols, trains, trucks, cars screeching, pretending to be dying, and so many more.  It's amazing to me how distinct the sounds are too.  It must be a testosterone thing, because both Matthew and Glen do it, and none of my 3 girls ever have.  It doesn't matter what the boys are playing, some noise has to be made to compliment the experience.

Look at that face.  Doesn't that just make you want to pinch his cheeks and kiss him?  I thought so - me too.


Let the war begin.  Can you hear those noises coming from his mouth?  "Aarrrrgh!"


He had to get a good eye on his subject.


Wait, he spots another subject over here.  He is on top of it for sure.  Nothing gets past my little army guy in white socks.


Ah, the perfect position for getting the perfect shot.  As he focuses on his subject to get the perfect aim, he licks his lips so he will get the perfect sound experience as he shoots.


Then he stands by his dog, his companion, his friend, his partner in war, and he smiles.


Because they are best buds.

Matthew Playing Army

And nothing can stop them as long as they're together, of course a tummy rub would be nice too.

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