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Friday, July 25, 2008

Sleep Over Silliness

Sarah's Sleepover

My daughter, Sarah, had a sleep over last night and we could hear the giggling and silliness all night long.  Well, maybe not all night long, but a good chunk of it.  Because Sarah had 2 of her friends who are sisters, staying over together, Sarah and Matthew and Glen opted to switch rooms so that all 3 could sleep in the same room.  You see, the boys have a big room (formerly known as the bonus room) for their bedroom and Sarah has a normal size bedroom with all her girly stuff.  So they switched.  By morning, the fun began to take hold and Matthew had it in his handsome little head that he was going to play a prank on the girls.  Don't you just love sibling rivalry? 

The girls had the door closed and they were giggling and doing girly things like talking about boys and probably putting on lip gloss and playing with Hannah, (she's a girl too), and then there was this pounding and knocking at their door.  So the girls rush to open it and nobody is there.

Sarah:  "Okay, who did that?  I know it was you, Matthew.  Glen?  Matthew?  You better come out or I'm gonna get you"


Sidney:  "Let's go find him."

Hope: "Yeah, let's find him and tickle him"

Sarah: "Come on, let's go get 'im.  Matthew, you better come out of hiding!"

 Sidney:  "I wonder where he is?"

Hope: "Did you check behind all the doors?"

 Sarah: "No, but I'm gonna let him know who's boss when we find him."

 Sidney:  "Where could he be?"

Hope: "Look out front, maybe he went outside"

Sarah: "I don't think so, he's hiding alright."

Sidney: "He doesn't want to be tickled."

Sarah: "Would you?"

 Sidney: "No"

Hope: "He's gotta be here somewhere."


Sarah's Sleepover

Adolf wanders into the laundry room and sticks his head behind the basket of laundry.  Hannah waits patiently for the girls to return and play.  Isn't she sweet?

Sarah's Sleepover

Sarah:  "Matthew, you are so dead."


 Sarah's Sleepover

Sarah:  "Well, maybe not.  Since you are lookin' at me like that with those big blue eyes.  Geez, what I do for you.  But, we are going to tickle you." 


Sarah's Sleepover

Matthew:  "No, No!  Darn I hate being tickled!"

And so, the tickling continued, and Matthew - Poor Matthew - enjoyed every second of it.  The trouble he gets himself into.

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