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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bath Time Bravery

HannahSleeps.jpg by you.

Hannah, our little fluffy white fuzz ball puppy, managed to get herself into a lot of dirt over the weekend which resulted in her having to have a bath.  The problem with this is that it requires multiple family members to drop what they are doing, clean and scrub out the sink, get multiple towels, the doggy shampoo, the doggy brush, nail clippers, and smell-goody spray, to bathe our little white fur-ball.   It is always an event to remember around here - and a messy one too.


Hannah getting a bath1 by you.

Hannah has learned to dread bath time.  She tries her best to scoot out of the sink.  One look in that direction and she is digging her claws into our neck to save her from the experience. 

Hannah getting a bath2 by you.

Look at that face!  Those eyes! That precious nose!  That dirty beard!  Lordy Mercy, that mohawk! Don't you just want to kiss her?!!

Hannah getting a bath3 by you.

Of course, no bath around here is complete without a mohawk.  It's a family tradition.

DSC_0096 by you.

I don't think Hannah is enjoying this experience.


DSC_0097Blur by you.

As a matter of fact, I am sure that she is not enjoying this at all.  Especially when the soap and the hair get all gooey in her eyes.  "Save me! Save me!"


DSC_0095Clonetool by you.

This is a 5-person job.  One person to hold her.  One person to wash her.  One person to create the mohawk.  One person to take her picture.  One person to dry her.  Or maybe we should just take on multiple jobs to reduce the number of necessary bath time help to 3 people.  After the bath, however, we had a bigger problem - knots.  We're not used to having a puppy who gets all knotted up, and her fur was so knotted up that I couldn't get them out.  This resulted in her having to have a fur-cut. 

DSC_0082Lovely&Ethereal by you.

This, of course, was torture for this poor little pup.

DSC_0083LovelyandEthereal by you.

And Sarah was a good "mommy" to her pup.  She comforted her and held her close.  She kissed her and talked to her.

 DSC_0081PWFreshandColorful by you.

Hannah didn't care.  She just wanted this bath time and furcut to be over with so she could bite our toes.

 DSC_0076Bandaid+Softandfaded+Crop by you.

She buried her head in Sarah's shoulder.  Poor pup.  Sarah showed a lot of compassion.  I was so proud of her.


 DSC_0080Crop+Bandaid+SoftandFaded by you.

Sarah is so grown up.  Hannah is her first puppy.  All hers to take care of and love.  All hers to clean up after and crate train.  All hers to bathe (with the help of 5 other people), and all hers to kiss and hug and play with and tickle.

DSC_0079Crop+Bandaid+Clone+Prettyizer by you.

Hannah and Sarah have several things in common.  First of all and most importantly, they love each other.  They are both sweet.  They both have big puppy-dog eyes.  They both bark a lot.  They both have hair in their face.

 DSC_0102 by you.

They both look to me for love and guidance - and treats.

Hannah Gets a Treat.jpg by you.

And Hannah was such a good doobie - bath and haircut and all - that she definitely got a treat. Oh, and so did Sarah (that required a trip to Barnes & Noble for a book).


DSC_0105QuickEdgeBurn by you.

Unfortunately, they both end up with bad haircuts too if I'm the one with the scissors.

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