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Friday, September 12, 2008

Date Night - A Rare Occasion

DSC_0224.jpg by you.

It was time.  We hadn't been out for a fun evening - just Big Bear and me - since I can't remember when.  So, when our neighbor, who is also a singer in a band, invited us to the local country club (we're not members) where he was going to be playing, we jumped at the opportunity.

DSC_0163.jpg by you.

What you need to know about our neighbor, Pat, is that he is one cool cat.  He has a nice lawn too! 

DSC_0165.jpg by you.

Bob and I had no idea he was so good.  I mean - these guys are really great.  They rocked down the house!  The music they played was classic Rock-n-Roll.  Yeah, man.  My kinda music! 

DSC_0173.jpg by you.

See, I told you he was a cool cat.  Now he just needs a black hat and he'll look just like one of the Blues Brothers.

DSC_0179.jpg by you.

These guys rocked the night away.  Of course it was only from 7pm to 10pm, but hey, people have got to get home to their teenagers before they burn down the house.

DSC_0195.jpg by you.

Before I took 2 sips of sweet tea, this menopausal, middle-aged, old fogey crowd was up and dancin' their hineys off.

DSC_0199.jpg by you.

Of course, the night included Janet, Pat's wife, and our lovely neighbor, ripping up the floor.  Nice skirt, Janet.  I'm not sure that skirt would do anything for me, but it sure looks good on you.

DSC_0212.jpg by you.

I mean, if my husband were a singer in a band, you can bet I'd be ripping up somebody's floor and following him to every gig.  And I'd probably be wearing a skirt too.

DSC_0215.jpg by you.

Yeah, baby!  WooHoo!  ARE WE HAVIN' FUN YET PEOPLE?!!!

DSC_0170.jpg by you.

Of course, no date night would be complete unless we tracked down the resident Pink Flamingo.

DSC_0233.jpg by you.

Okay guys, you're just having way too much fun.  I didn't know the dancin' crowd could join the band?  What's up with that anyway?

DSC_0231.jpg by you.

Well my goodness, she's singin' with him too?  She must be buzzed.

DSC_0196.jpg by you.

Actually, maybe it's me who has the buzz.  What was in that tea?  Does that dance floor look crooked to you?

DSC_0240.jpg by you.

Okay, already.  I pulled my big hiney out of the pool chair and I'll do a little jig with all the other old fogey, country club type on the dance floor.

DSC_0244.jpg by you.

She's dancin' - dancin' - dancin' the night away, that girl is dancin' - dancin'...  Oh, sorry, he's singing something from the Beatles I think.  Wrong decade.  Sorry.

DSC_0247.jpg by you.

I look absolutely ridiculous out there.  And to think I used to be so hot at one time. 

DSC_0241.jpg by you.

I mean really hot stuff I was.  I could burn up the floor.  Nope.  Not anymore.  I look like I have a cramp in this picture.

DSC_0255.jpg by you.

Oh my!  I have company!  Big Bear is going to tear up the dance floor with me. 

DSC_0254.jpg by you.

You don't have to say a thing.  I already know.  We look like we're on the verge of a stroke.  What a bunch of nuts we all are pretending to be 20 again.  I mean, who do we think we are anyway?  John Travolta and Olivia Newton John?  Come on!

DSC_0258.jpg by you.

Check out those moves.  Shake it baby. 

DSC_0191.jpg by you.

I must admit, Pat and his band Roc Dox gave us a night to remember.

DSC_0229.jpg by you.

It is definitely time to go home, though.  My feet hurt, my hips are killing me, my pants are starting to fall down from all the jigglin'.  I don't care.  Nothin' that 3 Advil won't cure. 

Can we do this again?

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