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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My Keyboard has a Mind of its Own
By Sarah Vaughn

AppleKeyboard.jpg by you.

Yesterday, my daughter, Sarah, asked me to please proofread her blog for "The Pink Life."  She has been having some trouble with her keyboard, and I thought her blog was funny.  I love reading Sarah's ramblings.   I have encouraged her to write and to express herself - that was part of her homeschooling experience, and the fact that she loves to read, write, play the piano, draw, paint, and focus on her studies has made me extremely proud of her to say the least.  Sarah has a great sense of humor, and I am finding that her humor is starting to come through in her blog posts.  So, I thought I would share Sarah's latest post with my readers.  You'll definitely get a kick out of how my 14 year old daughter thinks.

My Keyboard Has a Mind of its Own
By: Sarah Vaughn Sept. 29, 2008
The Pink Life

AppleKeyboard2.jpg by you.    

Today...well, my computer keyboard went noodles!!! I was listening to my songs and suddenly my brightness of my screen (There is a button to where you can control your brightness you know.) went down...down...down. I'm thinking "What the heck?" I pressed the button to brighten my screen and it went back down again. I'm thinking that this is really WEIRD!!!!! So I keep pressing the brighten button and it kept getting dark. This time I held it and finally it stayed bright. (YAY! Applaud...applaud, applaud. Thank you, thank you.) Well, the next morning (EARLY) at like 5AM I woke up and heard my computer make a sound like someone was holding down the spacebar when it was on the password. There must be ghosts in my room that are checking out my computer.  So, I went over, woke up my computer and it stopped. It was freaky but I didn't really care because I was too tired so I went back to bed.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz AppleKeyboard.jpg by you.

9am...The incident that happened above, the first one, repeated itself. So, as I was messing with my computer, I think "one day keyboards are going to be in the news because they are probably all collaborating to frustrate us.  Oh, and...TALKING!"

 AppleKeyboard4.jpg by you.

"Breaking News. Mr. Keyboard 130294, president of the Keyboards Corporation has some things to say. He would like to tell you why it is unfair for humans to put their dirty, icky fingers all over them. He also wants to explain why they are quitting their typing jobs. They are tired of being dirty. They would like some respect." "So here is Mr. Keyboard 130294 speaking for his people...or electronics." "Beep beep beep boop beep bob oo up deep dep beep do beep bop beep...BEEP!" "And that was Mr. Keyboard 130294 speaking profoundly for his people, even through we didn't know exactly what he said. Hey, wait Mr. Keyboard , I'm sorry I didn't mean that wait noooo, sto..."

 AppleKeyboard3.jpg by you.

We are sorry, but we have to interrupt this broadcast because there have been some signal errors. Imagine if that happened. That would stink. Yep. Really stink. Keyboards will get revenge one day...THEY WILL! And when they do, don't come crying to me because you didn't listen. Thats why I'm leaving the earth right now to mars. KIDDING!!! The Keyboards are getting stronger every minute you ignore them. HA! You listening now? I can't imagine not having a keyboard. Can you? This is making me tired imagining what would happen if keyboards took over the world. YAWN! If nothing else, just keep it clean and don't eat Doritos while you're typing and maybe your keyboard won't go nuts.

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