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Friday, November 14, 2008

A Message to Avaya - and Matt C.


I received a comment on my earlier Avaya story from some guy, Matt, who works for Avaya.  I just assumed it was only time before someone within Avaya would comment on that story.  Well, although I posted a response in the comment section, I decided to post my response in a "post." 

How do I know that you, Matt, work for Avaya?  It's not rocket science.  All I have to do is look up your IP address and I see that you are writing from Avaya Communication's Denver, Colorado offices.  Figures. Who told you to write this?  Jim Hirt?  I swear, do you guys at Avaya really believe that what you are doing is ethical?  Or, do you just have an ax to grind?

First of all, your comment clearly shows that you do not have a grasp for the English language, either that, or you are typing on your blackberry with your thumbs.  It makes no difference.  Most of the Avaya executives we know have the same problem - they speak without thinking, or they write without editing first, making corrections, or sounding intelligent.  They don't.  They don't care either.  All anyone has to do is read your comment to figure that one out.  Your comment is quoted verbatim below:

"Its funny how you say Bob got fired because of the "bottom line" and then you say how good a work he was because he exceeded his numbers. Then you talk about how he should have a job because "Bob is currently supporting our family of six and his elderly mother who is in a nursing home for Alzheimer’s patients" and that makes your family more important then any other family out there. All I could think is it must be easy for you to blame other people and not look in the mirror. Its always easier to blame then it is to correct the problem. Maybe you should be helping Bob with the kids and not writing a Blog posting with 2000+ words. On the good side Bob sounds like a great guy and if he is a hard worker he will get a job that he like better and being laid off might be the best thing for him."

Commenter name: Matt

So, in response to "Matt" who obviously has a problem with my Avaya post ...

Corporate Welfare

It wasn't "Bob's" bottom line that was the problem, it was Avaya's - they just wanted Bob to pay for it - and a few others on his team.  Yes, we are a family of six, and "NO" that doesn't make us, or our situation, any better or any worse than anyone else's out there who are having to deal with the same issues due to layoffs or the economy. I'm not blaming anyone - except maybe the fools at the top executive level within Avaya who pushed my husband, and others, to the curb without good reason except to appeal to "their" bottom line.

I resent you insinuating that I don't help with my children. You obviously don't know my family or me very well.  But that is a bold statement you made nonetheless, and an ugly one too.  Why am I not surprised?


Secondly, I have every right to write about the failings of a company that dragged my husband through the mud. If you want to see his numbers and what a great employee he was with Avaya - then dig 'em up.  You may have access to them, being that you are kissing the butts of Avaya Execs anyway.  Maybe that is why Avaya is sinking. So much bitterness and butt kissing at the top.

Corporate Cat

No, Matt, we are not "more" important and I don't claim to be, I am, however, the only one who was bold enough to speak up - in defense of my family and my husband. Why? Because I love him and I don't like to see anyone in my family trampled by the likes of greedy guys like the ones who laid off my husband.  I have to look out for "my" family.  I can't save the world, but maybe I can save my family from losing our home.  We're not suffering - yet - but prevention is 9/10ths of the cure.  And, this is a free country and I have every right to free speech - aka speaking my mind.

If you can't understand why I wrote this article or why I made it a point to discuss the failings of a company who "used" my husband, then I feel sorry for you, you are obviously doing very well and have a secure job within Avaya.  And, have never had to face the possibility of losing your home or paying your mortgage with your savings and retirement, or measly 2 week severance. You apparently have not been affected by the current economic situation and haven't a clue how difficult it is to find a job that pays what you've been earning for years during an economic meltdown, or tried to support your family after an ugly layoff.   Good for you, Matt. It must be nice to read stories about people who have been affected by corporate failings and then blame the one who got laid off.  How about just kicking the horse when he's down to bruise him some more? 

Mass Layoffs

By the way, Matt, what is not posted on my site, or in this story, at the request of the authors, are the dozens of emails that we have received by others who have been affected by the layoff in response to this story, validating the assertions of the lack of integrity within Avaya.  Managers have been coerced into trying to invent reasons to layoff their staff, and for the few that have refused or resisted, those managers were sacrificed instead. Numerous employees have reported that their end-of-year bonuses and commissions have been reduced or eliminated due to technicalities, exceptions, fabrications. This story repeats itself over and over again.

Even the out-placement services are amazed at the stories that they are hearing from former Avaya employees regarding Avaya's egregious behavior.


We are aware that this may be a result of the private equity ownership of Avaya on behalf of Silver Lake Partners and Texas Pacific Group. Their overzealous greed for return on their investment in tough times is most likely what is driving the results that we see. They, like so many others on Wall Street are the foundation of the economic mess that we are in, and it has become pervasive throughout corporate America.

Stay with Avaya long enough, Matt, and you, too, will become an Avaya victim.


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