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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ramblings of a Bluebird

By Bill Simms (the other brother)
Warning: This post is not for children's eyes!

DSC_2334.jpg by you.

Alrighty folks, I may have written a nice story about my brother, Mike, and yes, I have another interesting brother too - Bill, who also lives in Florida (at the moment) because he, too, like my Big Bear, lost his job as a commercial mortgage broker (or whatever the heck he does) and needs a job.  And yes Bill, I'm gettin' around to writing a delightful post about you too, but I believe in the old adage "age before beauty" which might explain why I wrote about Mike before you.  Don't take it personally. 

So, how about I start right now, sharing a little bit about my brother, Bill.  To all my readers out there - I am not responsible for the talking bird in the next set of pictures.  This post is courtesy of my brother, Bill - the other brother.  And, I might add that he has always been loads of laughs and has brought every member of our family to tears of laughter more than once.  He obviously has too much time on his hands to have sent this to me in my email this morning. 


Bluebirdtalks1.jpg by you.

Probably not.  I'm immune to the mess and the disorganization.  Just be thankful you don't live here.


Bluebirdtalks2.jpg by you.

He was fired a long time ago, which explains why the place looks like a bomb hit it.  So, Billy, since you're out of work, how about you come to North Carolina and help me clean and organize.  I'll even pay you a few bucks.  Emphasis on "few."


Bluebirdtalks3.jpg by you.

Bill - every time Bob builds a fire I pray he "doesn't" burn down the house since he finds it necessary to use a blow torch to light the dang fire every time.  Must be a male power thing.  I suppose that using a match would be too easy.


Bluebirdtalks4.jpg by you.

If you smell pumpkin pie, it ain't comin' from my house.  If Marsha doesn't get the hint by now that you want her to bake Beth's Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie, maybe you should find the pie pans and figure it out - or better yet, get in your car and drive North to our house for Thanksgiving - hint - hint. 

Your sister - Susan

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