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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sometimes Life Happens in Threes


What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had with family and friends.  It has been a perfect holiday weekend. Well, almost.  I'll get to that in a moment.  My Big Bear cooked the entire Thanksgiving meal, and created a fabulous dinner for all.  It wasn't like I was sitting around, though, eating bon bons.  I don't want you to think that!  Nope, I was cleaning the house and preparing for our guests to arrive.


Don't they look delicious?!!!  Bob roasted the whole turkey on the right in the oven in white wine.  On the left are 2 big turkey breasts and wings, since we all love the white meat around here.  Bob cooked them on the rotisserie on our grill.  They were juicy and delicious.  Yummy.


Before dinner, Bob prepared a snack table for everyone.  You know somethin...My Big Bear should have been a chef.  He loves to cook and try new things.  And he's really good at it too.  Oh, and see that white dish to the right of the paper towels?  That plate was filled to the brim and beyond with the "One-bite Tomato & Mozzarella Skewers" that was Beth's recipe from a few days before Thanksgiving.  We polished them off in a matter of minutes.


Sarah was a big help.  She wants to be a good cook someday, and she loves helping in the kitchen.  So she helped her dad prepare this wonderful meal.  


She was also the entertainment.  Playing the piano for everyone.


Bare feet, messy hair, but it sure was beautiful music!  She even played her 2 compositions for us.


She smiled ear-to-ear when we applauded her musical talents.


And Sarah loved on Hannah.  We all loved on Hannah - so much so that she peed on our kitchen floor.  But only a little bit.  There was just so much excitement!


Glen did what Glen does best - he played the Wii and all things electronic all day long until the guests and the dogs arrived.  


Yes, we had lots of dogs at the house this Thanksgiving - 6 in all!  And they all had fun playing with each other.  Just like best friends.  Glen was definitely in his element.  


And, of course, our Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without a fire to warm us up.  Yes, that is a real fire.  We have 6 cords of wood that Bob and the boys split a few weeks back, after they built a log rack together.


And Matthew, he was interested in one thing - "Hand over the cranberry sauce."


"Yes! That's what I want! Yummy cranberry sauce?!!"


I think he polished off that entire dish, and Dad had to open another can.  Oh, and see that hair?  Yes, I know he needs a haircut, and YES, I will be giving him one today.  Oh, and those teeth?  My little bunny rabbit will have braces next year.  Poor little guy.  But look at that smile and those sweet eyes.  Isn't he a cutie-pie?!!


The guests started to arrive.  Alison brought her camera and we were both shutter bugs throughout the evening.


Mike and his friend Laura, showed up with their pups.


And Laura brought her friend, Debbie.  She is holding Alison's doggie - Maggie Mae in this picture.


And yes, I handed my camera to Mike, who took this picture of me and Big Bear sharing an affectionate moment.


And this is Max.  He is Mike's child.


And this is Poppy.  He is Laura's child.  They wanted to share in the festivities too.


And the white doggie in the back is Dovey.  She is Laura's child too.  Oh, and our Adolf would not stop sniffing Poppy's butt.  We could not explain that at all.


And with all the dogs in the house, if my mother had been here, she would have had a stroke.  As for us, everyone thought the doggies were every bit a part of the family and the fun.


Everyone had a fabulous time together.  


Great friends, wonderful family, good fun for all.


Alright, now you want to know why I titled this "Sometimes Life Happens in Threes" right? Well, I'll tell ya. Before the guests got here, Bob cut his right hand pretty good on a nail that was sticking out of a basket.  He was in pain, and we doctored him up.  He bounced back nicely.  So that was the first thing that threw a wrench in our weekend.


And, as tradition would have it in our family, we always pull out the Christmas decorations and the tree the day after Thanksgiving and decorate the house for Christmas the rest of the weekend.  Well, see that hole in the ceilin?  It would have been bigger had I not caught myself.  

I went up in the attic as Bob and the kids stood at the foot of the attic ladder waiting for me to hand boxes and decorations down to them.  I noticed a little antique end table that belonged to Bob's mother sitting in the part of the attic that did not have plywood flooring.  It had fallen into the insulation and between the rafters.  So, standing on the plywood floor, I leaned over, grabbed the leg of the table to pull it up and lost my balance.  My left leg instinct-fully stepped forward to catch my fall and it went through the floor (or is that ceiling?)  Whatever.  Bob screamed, the kids freaked out, I nearly had a heart attack.  


Bob was relieved that I didn't completely fall through the ceiling.  If I had, there's a good chance that would've been the end of me.


So, in Big Bear fashion, he asked me to come and sit on his lap, where he proceeded to cop a feel.  Typical.  Daggone him!  Like those pjs?  I'm the pajama queen.  If I'm not goin' anywhere, you'll usually find me in my pjs.  I love pjs.  I love comfort.  I don't, however, like falling through ceilings or have Bob get fresh with me in front of Alison who took this picture. Almost forgot! This was two of three events this weekend.

The third?


Nobody else got hurt, but Sarah got sick.  She has had a fever, cough, and has been feeling completely miserable since Friday.  That's got to have been the third thing, don't you think?

These kind of things always have a way of happening in threes.  Especially in this family.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I know we did!  Even with those 3 setbacks, it was perfect.

Love, Susan

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