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Sunday, November 16, 2008

What Else Can I Do?


...but bring a blanket to you.  Words that resonate in my brain thanks to a dear friend who lives in the cold breezes of Canada with 2 sons and a gift for songwriting, playing the guitar, and making beautiful music - Karla Anderson. 


Not quite 4 years ago, while watching Joan of Arcadia, which was one of our favorite shows for the longest time before being canceled, we happened to hear a song at the end of the show that was so beautiful I just had to find out who the artist was and where to get the music.  What I discovered was that the song's title was "What Else Can I Do?" and the artist and songwriter was Karla Anderson, a young Canadian artist and mother who was starting to make an important impact in the music industry with her emotional lyrics, soft voice, and gentle guitar. 


Big Bear and I, both, fell in love with her music and Karla and I soon became fast friends, talking about art, raising kids, being close to our mother, single parenting, having cold feet, and promising to have a girl's weekend together the next time she was in the States, and I'm holdin' her to it - "You hear that Karla?!!!" 


We email each other when we have the chance and I play her CD - Embassy Sessions - on a regular basis.  It calms my nerves and makes me smile. 

You can visit Karla at her website: www.karlaanderson.com.  Sign her guestbook too, as I know she'll appreciate you stopping by.  If you want to buy her fantastic CD, Embassy Sessions, you can get it at Indelible Music - then be sure and click on "Karla Anderson" once you go to their site. 


Karla has been hitting the charts since Embassy Session hit the music stores and the radio waves, and I couldn't be more proud of my friend, Karla, for working so hard to make her dreams come true - not just for her, but for her boys too.

Well, today, Karla emailed me and told me that she had a new video that she just posted on YouTube and she thought I would like it since the song she plays is my favorite.  Thanks, Karla!  And so, what else can I do?  But bring "her" blanket to you.  Enjoy the video, oh, but mostly - enjoy the music ...

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