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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Very Special Friend ... She's the Beth-est

BethinFL2.jpg by you.

Today is a very special day for 2 people in my life.  One is my dear friend, Beth, and the other is my grandson, Glen.  They share a birthday.  Today, however, I am going to share a story with you about my friend, Beth.  Today is her birthday.  She is "choke, choke, cough, cough, see no evil, hear no evil" - years old.  She has been the bestest (is that a word?) friend ever - ever since - now I have to think about this - since - uh - 1983?  or is that 1984?  Oh well, who cares about that, she is one very cool chick, let me tell you all about her.

BethinFL.jpg by you.

First of all, I happened to meet her one evening after I got off work and had just picked up my girls from daycare.  We lived in Coral Springs, Florida at the time.  I was a single mother and trying to make ends meet and I had a little 2 bedroom apartment over Beth's apartment, where she lived with her husband, David. 

CoralSpringsApartment.jpg by you.

I was walking to the steps and couldn't help but smell the delicious - the incredible - the aroma of something fantastic coming from Beth's apartment.  All I knew was that I was tired, I was hungry, and I had 2 very hungry little girls who were counting on me, their mother who was not a very good cook, to whip them up something for dinner that was as delicious as Beth's apartment smelled.  Well, I'll tell you this, I was broke too.  I was literally digging into the cookie jar for change every time I needed gas or milk or cereal for breakfast for my girls.  It was a very tough time for me in my life, and I wasn't even 24 yet.  Much too young to be facing so much responsibility.

So, before I even got up the steps, I knocked on Beth's door and introduced myself and my girls to her and David.  She invited me in and we hit it off right away.  She invited me to dinner that night and we would become fast friends.  Her casserole was delicious.  Put it this way, everything Beth cooks is delicious.  I've never known anyone who can cook like Beth.  She can whip up a casserole that will make your mouth water and your tummy scream for more.  She is so talented in the kitchen.  I'm envious of her culinary skills.  But her skills don't stop there.  Beth is a singer.  And a dang good one too.

Bethwband.jpg by you.

When we met, she was a stay-at-home wife.  Her husband, David, sold computers and she was trying to re-ignite her singing career.  She was looking in the paper for a group that needed a singer and was going to try out if she could find one.  Well, she found one, and if I am correct, it is the same group she sings with today.  I think.  I'll have to check on that.  I know she is still with Paul - that's the good lookin' guy on the right.

Bethsinging.jpg by you.

Well, Beth and David had a beautiful son, Evan, who is now in his 20s, and her life changed - duh.  I mean, doesn't every mother's life change when they have a child?  She was torn - and didn't know whether to keep singing or not.  She loved singing.  It was a part of her, just like Evan.   And for anyone who is passionate about something - music, art, writing, playing an instrument, cooking - you know that it is difficult to just "stop" doing something that you love,  child or no child, your passion is as much a part of you and who you are as your child.  It can be tough, and the hours that she had to work as a singer were obviously conflicting with her motherhood.  Well, I do know this, Beth did the very best she could to keep both of her loves in her life and - well - every time I got home from work, she was still cooking up something delicious.  The smell was almost too much for me to take.  How did she do it all?!!! 

BethinFL.jpg by you.

I moved and then Beth, David, and baby Evan moved to a townhouse.  They lived there for about 20 years if I'm correct.  Beth started selling Mary Kay and asked me to let her give me a facial.  Naaah.  "Beth, really.  Are you going to force me to buy this stuff?" - "Yes" - "Okay, but don't ruin my face, okay?"  Beth had me over one Saturday afternoon and we had a girl's time of it.  She had purchased about a thousand dollars worth of Mary Kay products to start her business and I was to be her first customer.  I had very sensitive skin and could never seem to consistently keep my skin clear.  Hormones.  Horrible little buggers - those hormones.  Beth put together a cleaning program of Mary Kay products for me and I purchased from her for about 2 years before she went on to other things.  Put it this way, my complexion had never been so good and so clear for so long, and now I had to find another Mary kay lady, but not until after I had purchased all the products that I used from Beth at cost.  Lots of laughs for that. 

And now?  Well, I still use Mary Kay, but now I sell it on the side (not as a career) because I get the products for a great price and can sell them to my friends and family too.  "See what you got me into, Beth?" and now my little girl, Sarah, uses Mary Kay to keep her complexion clear too.

BethandPaul.jpg by you.

Beth and David went their separate ways, but Beth stood strong.  She never walked away from her singing career and has cut a few cds in the process.  You can visit Beth and Paul's website HERE.  She and her friend Paul got together - and as her website states "Paul & Beth - Better Together" I'd have to say - yep - they make a great team.  They are engaged.  A few years ago, Paul gave Beth a beautiful ring (after "how many?"  years? It was about time guys!)  And Paul asked Beth to marry him.  "So when is it you two?  When are you getting married?  I'm still waiting for the invitation.  What's the deal anyway?  I'm just giving you two a hard time." 

Beth&Paul3.jpg by you.

Beth & Paul now live in Delray Beach in a beautiful home with great countertops.  How do I know this?  Because I look at her countertops every time she sends me a recipe for this crazy blog of mine.  "Love those countertops girlfriend.  They're awesome." 

DSCN2251.jpg by you.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH!  You're the BESTEST!  Or, wait a minute - You're the BETH-EST!!!!!  ho ho ho. ha ha ha.  la la la.  do re mi. 

retouchedbethnjo.jpg by you.

You all have got to start whipping up her recipes - I'm talking to you there - you - my readers.  (By the way, This is a picture of Beth with her sister - aren't they beee-autiful?) Her recipes really are the Beth-est!!! So get cookin!!

Love ya Girlfriend!  Me

Winners announced soon for the Waffler.  No Wafflin' around now, okay? 

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