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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Word of Hope - A Hand of Friendship


It may only be Christmas Eve, but knowing that today and tomorrow I am going to be very busy with my family and friends, I wanted to wish everyone who stops by here to know that I wish you a very Merry Christmas. 

I know that this year, more so than years past, has been, and still is, especially difficult for so many of you out there, and I understand.  It is a tough year for us too, particularly considering how my Big Bear was laid off over 3 months ago and still has not been able to find a good job.  We're getting down to the wire here financially, and have about another 3-4 months to go before we completely hit a wall, start biting off our nails, start selling our clothes, our cars, or whatever we have to sell to stay afloat in our home and feed our family.  For some reason, though, I don't think it will come to that.  I honestly believe that Bob will find the right job for him when the time is right and that we will be okay.  My Big Bear has never let us down, and we have the good Lord looking over us, too.  We've been blessed in this life, and most importantly, we have each other and we are all healthy.


Sometimes it takes hardship to humble our hearts and minds to what is truly important in life.  It isn't "things," although they're nice to have and certainly necessary - like a safe and comfortable home, and reliable transportation, comfortable clothing and shoes, and a good bed, not to mention food!  I know this may seem to you to be easy for me to say, because I'm sitting here in the comfort of my home with my family asleep in their beds and a computer in my lap.  Yes, I know that I have been blessed, but I also know, from personal experience, that it can all disappear quickly, too.  And, if it were to "disappear" I am sure as I am sitting here that I would have a different story - and I'd go through a series of feelings that would not be so pretty.  Still, I am certain it would make me stronger - someday. 

That said, I believe that as difficult as this year has been for so many families and individuals who have lost their homes, their loved ones who are fighting this awful war, or who have lost loved ones to disease or some other tragedy, that we come through our adversities stronger - of mind and spirit.  If you are one who has had a rough year, try not to let your hardships really get you down - if you can.  And I know you can - smile.  It really will make you feel better.  Promise.


I hope that the year 2009 will be a year of giving.  I hope that more of us will give back to others who are less fortunate than ourselves, more so than at any other time in our lives.  I hope that you can find the strength, the time, the thought, and the delight, in helping someone else - a friend, a family member who is struggling, a complete stranger, or a charity.  If nothing else, take 15 minutes and write a letter to a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan and tell him or her that you are proud and grateful and hope they come home safely of sound mind and body - soon.


When I take the time to reflect on my life - the ups, the downs, and the sideways - the good, the bad, and the really bad - the comfort, the pain, and the unbearable - I believe that it took it all to bring me to this place in my life right now that I call home. "Home" being that place in my mind where I find comfort in who I am and what I have accomplished. "Home" being who I am to others and to my family and friends.  "Home" being comfortable in my own skin and satisfied that I will never look like Audrey Hepburn, never laugh like Julia Roberts, never be as wealthy as Oprah Winfrey, never be as smart as Henry Kissenger, probably never paint as beautifully as Augusta Renoir or Mary Cassatt, never write a book as magnificent as Jane Austen, and never be famous.  But who cares.  Because I am who I am and this is all I've got to work with.  I can either accept it or wallow in sorrow over who I am not.  It's all about choices.


Choices.  So many of us think we have none, but if you really think about it, we all have choices.  You can choose to wake up tomorrow morning and smile and make something good of the day, you can choose to call a friend or family member who you haven't spoken to in years and tell them you are thinking of them and hope they are well, you can choose to stay in bed and do nothing.  You can choose to continue to stay distant from someone who hurt you, or choose to get close again.  You can choose to understand someone who has wronged you or choose to hate them.  You can choose to fight or walk away.  You have a choice - talk about it, listen, or yell and be narrow-minded.  You can choose to talk it out or ignore it altogether.  You can choose to laugh about it or cry about it.  You can choose to forgive or stay bitter.  Life is all about choices.  And believe me, when you think you don't have any choices, you have more than you think.

And as for choices, I hope that you will make choices for this day, this holiday, this coming year, that are healthy and good for you.  I hope you will take the time to ask yourself what you can do to make a positive difference.  No matter how small the effort, it is still effort, and it will make a positive difference. You have to make the first - choice.

The Runaway

I suppose I've always been one to lend an ear, listen, and learn.  I'm happy that I am someone that my friends and acquaintances feel comfortable coming to when they have a problem or a question, a concern or just need a friend and someone who will listen.  So, if you are having troubles, if you need someone to talk to, if you just need a friend, send me an email.  I'll try to answer promptly.  I can't promise I will tell you  exactly what you want to hear, but I will be honest and I will listen.  ([email protected])

This can be my way of giving back to you this holiday season, too.  If you have something you would like to ask me or if you need some advice or just need someone to talk to - I'm here.

It's Christmas!  Dust off the year that's now past and hope for a better future.  We'll get there with bells on - together.  Promise.


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