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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sarah Plays Scott Joplin

SarahAge8-1 by you.

Well, sorta.  Welcome to our Saturday afternoon.  Big Bear is working in the yard, kids are running in and out of the house, and occasionally, they will sit down and play the piano among all the ruckus going on - constantly. 

P1000911.JPG by you.

Tomorrow is Sarah's and Matthew's piano recital at Claire Ritter Studios.  Claire Ritter is their piano teacher and also a well known jazz recording artist.  She has brought Sarah and Matthew a long way on the piano since they first started with her over a year ago.

Thanks to Ree Drummond for inspiring me to get my butt in gear and start recording our family goings on.  I dug through my drawers of photography equipment and found my little Canon Elura 65 video camera that had intimidated me for 2 years, and although the video isn't the greatest - OBVIOUSLY! - it's been fun playing with this thing and honestly, had it not been for Ree getting all wrapped up in video taping her daily family goings on, that Canon video camera would still be stuck in the back of a drawer collecting dust.  Thanks Ree!  You got my butt in gear and my family is very grateful.

So here you go, my first video of what goes on around the Vaughn household on a Saturday afternoon. 

Oh, and Sarah had better figure this song out before tomorrow or we're all going to be embarrassed.

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