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Friday, January 23, 2009

You Made A Pledge


In my last post: I Pledge To Make A Difference - How About You I asked you to consider making a pledge that would make a positive difference somehow, and a few of you came through.  This pledge, if it is sincere, could never be more important than it is now.  And, I believe that all pledges should begin with prayer. 

I hope that this t-shirt will remind you of your pledge every time you wear it. 

I am the sponsor of this contest (that should explain why it isn't a laptop, software, or cookware - haha), and I picked 2 winners! 

CONGRATULATIONS!  Our first winner is Rebel!  You are the proud recipient of this lovely t-shirt.  Wear it to bed.  Wear it to the grocery store.  Wear it to garden.  Just wear it. :)

Rebel said:

I pledge to be a better citizen of this world by bein' more concerned about what I say to my fellow human and how I act towards my fellow human. More concerned about what I give back to my community. I pledge to waste less, conserve more and gripe less. I pledge to pray, smile, love, share, and laugh more.

CONGRATULATIONS! Our second winner is Sandra!  Sandra made a pledge too. 

Sandra said:

I pledge to talk less and listen more
I pledge to be a better mother
I pledge to recycle more
I pledge to be less wasteful
I pledge to support our President
I pledge to exercise more
I pledge to donate to at least 1 charity a year
I pledge to be more humble
I pledge to be more forgiving

And, you asked a question at the beginning of this post, and I think the one who is mending the flag is Jesus. I see the wound in his hand.

Sandra was the only one who remembered the first question in the post: 


Look for the neglect, warfare, sacrifice tragedy and the evil...
then look for the hope, healing, life and prayer.  Who is mending the flag?

Good Job Sandra!  It is Jesus! 

Winners - please email me at [email protected]  I need your shipping information and your t-shirt size.

Thank you to my readers for entering this contest and for making a pledge.  I wish I had more money to invest in a t-shirt for all of you.  But, well, we're kinda broke right now as Bob is still looking for a job.  We're still doin' okay, though.  I appreciate all of your prayers and emails of concern.  A few of you have even passed on Bob's resume.  Thank you so much!  This t-shirt contest was my way of saying "Thank you" to all my readers - for your kind words, for your heartfelt concern, for you friendship, and for taking time out of your day to read my stories. 



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