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Friday, February 20, 2009

Big Bear Solutions


Big Bear has not found a job yet, but that hasn't stopped him from finding work.  Does that make sense?  He has been pounding the pavement every day since his lay off on September 15th to find a job.  In the meantime, we have depleted our savings and our retirement is dwindling down to the bottom.  We're not there yet, thank goodness, but it's not far off to the edge of the cliff.

Fortunately, Bob has resources.  Lots of 'em.  Intelligent, hard working, resources I might add.  Good people that he has worked with over the years that have also been laid off.  It seems as though most of the people that Bob has worked with are all laid off and looking for work.  The other night Bob went to a gathering of individuals from all different professions - CEOs, CFOs, VPs, Directors, Executives of all types (and sizes) who are looking to network and who live in the Charlotte area.  Bob came home excited to have met so many interesting people and he is following up with a number of them.

Before he left for this meeting, though, he came downstairs in a panic.  "Susan - I need you to design me a business card - quick.  Like NOW.  Help me think of a name for my private consulting company - quick, I've got to be there at 6:30."  Then he ran back upstairs to get dressed.

So, I gave Photoshop and my creative genius the ol 5-minute try.  Fortunately, we had business card stock Avery paper in our home office so that he could print something off quickly.   For my Big Bear, I got to work immediately on making him a name.  Hmmmm, let's see ...

Of course, I wanted it to be something that stood out.  I didn't want it to sound too techy.  Then it hit me - "of course!  I've got it!"  And so, I got to work in Photoshop designing Bob a business card to hand out at this networking meeting, gathering thing he was going to.

This is what I came up with:


So, whatta ya think?  Bob loved it.  Of course, the numbers, address, and email have been changed to protect the innocent.  Still, you get the drift.  You like it?  Roarrrrr.  I can hear that bear now.

My man is in business dangnammit.  And he's got cards.

When he got home he told me that everybody commented on his cards and wanted to know who designed them.  Am I good or what?  snicker snicker.

I even added a bit about him onto the back of the card ...


We're a team I'll tell ya.  Big Bear and I make a great team.  And, for any of you out there who need professional business cards on heavy stock paper and lookin' really good, go to Overnight Prints.  That's who I go to to create my business cards for my Fine Art studio.  They do an awesome and professional job.  But, in the meantime, because we were short on time, we did the Avery thing on our printer.  They looked great for Bob's purposes the other night.

Bob has not been sitting idle this entire time, either.  He has a number of opportunities brewing behind the scenes.  Independent consulting opportunities with one of his collegues, and employment opportunities as well.  Let's hope something materializes soon.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!  We're doing just fine.  And besides - he's now got cards.


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